Little Miss

So I’m super excited to start sharing a personal blog with you guys! A million years ago it seems like I was amazing at journaling and I literally wouldn’t miss a day. Then I got married and had two babies and it just isn’t realistic anymore. So, I am hoping to hop on here once or twice a week and just update for myself what has been happening in mine and my little family’s lives. You are more than welcome to follow along. I hope you do.


Today started later than normal, (thank the heavens), but little Miss woke up a half hour before Grey. So we spent some girl time together cuddling in bed and then playing tag and hide and go seek in my room. The light was sooooo pretty guys. Like I kind of died every time she would run out from my pitch dark closet into the light my heart melted. Maybe it’s because I am always trying to pay attention to light for photography but I couldn’t help but run and get my camera.


She was kind of done playing the game by the time I went and got my camera so I had to get creative so I may have thrown all her favorite toys in my closet and had her fetch them for me to have her keep running in and out of the light. Haha. All I can say is it worked and I am so happy because these pictures are some of my favorite of her that I’ve ever taken. They are pure Eden and pure beautiful light.


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