Mini Bowling

I recently purchased this adorable mini bowling set (that you can buy from Little Cottonwood) and I am obsessed. Look how adorable it is?! They seriously have the cutest stuff. Like I kind of want everything. AND they are having their spring launch tomorrow night… If you like cute clothes and toys for your kids well then you might want to check it out!

Eden and Greyson have the funniest relationship. They always want to play with each other because they truly are best friends. The problem is there isn’t many things they can actually play together. But this cut little bowling set they can.

I had a shoot day with them yesterday at the studio and I specifically brought these with us because I knew it was a memory that I wanted captured. My mom heart just kind of melts when I see them playing together.

Little Cottonwood wood bowling set for kids. Minimalist style.Little Cottonwood wood bowling set for kids. Minimalist style.

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