I Don’t Ever Want to Forget

Things I never want to forget.

Eden- loves, LOVES, to throw diapers away. Is obsessed with kissing anyone and everything all day long. Her kisses always consist of her cheeks and lips being sucked in to create the cutest little kissy fish face. She loves her brother and is always trying to be just like him (for better or worse). I am always finding her on top of tables and things that are way too high for her to be on, but she is such a climber.

Grey- is obsessed with shoveling, gets EXTREMELY upset when his sister doesn’t want to play with him. He loves everything to do with fireman and fire engines. He loves to go outside and “water his garden” aka our rocks. He isn’t a great eater, but drinks more than the whole family combined.

This adorable romper and moccs Eden is wearing were bought from Ailulia on 25th street in Ogden. It is a must go if you haven’t been there, it is a must go. They have super unique stuff there. Then, you can find her bow here.

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