Eden + Grey May 2017

We were all outside playing and having fun together. It happened to be a day that Eden decided wearing a formal church dress for the day was the most appropriate outfit. She cracks me up with her determined and confident opinions on her clothing choices.

Like I said we were all outside and I couldn’t help but realize how beautiful the light was coming through our neighbors trees and into our backyard. It seriously looked magical. I ran inside grabbed my camera and started shooting. My heart felt so full after because it was a short 10 minutes that I took to create a memory for my kids.

I put together this video and after it was done I turned to Erick and said should I leave it like this? There had been a few clips that were so funny to me that didn’t make “the cut” for the actual little video I was making.

Even just showing Erick the little clips that didn’t fit into the video I couldn’t help but laugh out loud watching them. And that’s when we both looked at each other and thought we had to include them. So be sure to enjoy the bloopers at the end and what this video actually came from.


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