#MILLETSCOMEHOME | We’re Building Our Home!

Ah! You guuuuyyyys. It has been a long time coming. Over a year ago we took a Sunday drive with the family and we happened upon a field that was going to be turned into a subdivision. We LOVED the area, and it was a bring your own contractor. We couldn’t believe it. Really. Those kind of lots just don’t exist. Erick and I have always wanted to build our own home, and by build our home, I mean literally. Erick grew up building the houses his family lived in and I have my Interior Design background. We have been looking forward to doing this for a long time.

When we found this lot we were both overly stoked. We had pretty much first pick of the lots that were going to be in the neighborhood and we picked one in a circle with a gorgeous view of the mountains and canyon. Everything couldn’t have seemed more perfect. Then reality sank in and it has been a long year of trying to make everything work and line up just right for us to build. Even though this last year has consisted of lots of jumping through hoops and lots of patience. We are at the finish line!! Everything has been finalized and closed with the bank and we are just waiting for our permit from the city (which cross our fingers will be by Christmas).

Erick and I spent about 6 months drafting our perfect plans and I literally am giddy that we are actually going to build this house that we designed together. I hope you guys are as excited as I am because I am taking you for the full ride. I will be sharing glimpses of our floor plans throughout the next few months and why we designed each room the way we did. I will also be sharing mood boards and design plans for each room, and all the things. I seriously am so excited! It’s going to be good friends.


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