5 MIN CHANGES | Family Room
5 MIN CHANGES | Family Room

Hey friends! Happy Monday, hope you guys all had a good weekend. We got tons of snow around here, definitely making me want to just stay inside and cuddle up with the fam.

So, today I am giving you 5 little tips/ways that you can refresh your family room or even just spruce it up a little. We all get tired of our decor- hopefully these will give you a few ways that you can easily add some joy to your room.

Realize that none of these are complicated, super simple little things. Shall we get started?

  1. Add a throw- when I am looking for throws to add to any space I am always looking for something really textured. I also think textured throws look more expensive-so that’s always a win. My favorite place to snag a good throw for a decent price is Home Goods or TJ Maxx.
  2. Plants/Greenery- this will ALWAYS be a tip of mine, no matter what room we are chatting about. It honestly brings any room to life and in my eyes is needed. I really try to find a faux tree because it can add some height into a family room that often lacks. Think about it, you have your sofa, coffee table, end tables- they are all about the same height. So pop a tree in there and you have something to create a little more interest.
  3. Fun Pillows- my first tip with pillows is try pulling pillows from other places in your home and switching “their place”. Your bed pillows don’t always have to stay on your bed, try throwing them on your sofa and see if you like it. Like throws I also think finding pillows with pattern or texture is always good.
  4. Coffee Table Piece- alright. Honesty here. I rarely have a coffee table piece on my table because I have a baby that automatically will pull anything off I put there. So this may not work for everyone in the stage of life you are in. But, if you can manage it brings a lot to the space. What do you put on a coffee table? That should probably be a whole other post- but, in quick. Add something that if your guests were sitting on your sofa without you in the room it could provide “entertainment”. Framed photograph, Chatbooks, books, etc. Then you can add little decorative items with it. Again, I think I may do a whole post on this topic.
  5. Add a Rug- this just helps tie together all your furniture. If you already have a rug, I challenge you to find another rug in your home and switch them. It will help both rooms to feel a little new and refreshed.

Ok that’s it. Easy right? Super simple. Now go take 5 minutes and show your family room some love! If you would like to shop my family room, you can do that right here.

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