INSPO DIARIES | Being Inspired by Doughnuts
INSPO DIARIES | Being Inspired by Doughnuts

One of the biggest things I want to teach you guys is that you can be inspired by EVERYTHING. Take note of anything that catches your eye as you are scrolling Instagram or Pinterest. When you like something, even if you don’t know why save it. Create a board in Pinterest or a collection in Instagram. Then, when you are going to redecorate a room or something similar, go to that board and scroll through your saved pictures. I guarantee you will see a pattern. Look for similar colors, similar shapes, similar textures. You will soon find out WHAT SPEAKS TO YOU. What colors make you feel happy when you seem them, what patterns, what textures, etc. Then you can create a room that you love. And why will you love it?! Because it will speak to the inner part of you. It will create joy when you see it. That’s what every room should bring when you walk into it, joy. That looks different for everyone. So I dare you to start doing this and find out what your style is. Then next time when you go to decorate, or pick out a new paint color you don’t have to go off what is ” in and trendy” you can go off what speaks to you. You with me?

Ok, man what an intro. Now that I got that all out of the way and we are on the same page I am going to be sharing different things that have caught my eye and are pictures that bring my inner joy when I look at it. From the picture I will show you how I would pull from it and create/design something from it. Hopefully it will help teach you what to look for while you are doing it for yourself.

Ready?! So, if you couldn’t tell by my title doughnuts are today’s inspo and I couldn’t be more excited. Fun fact, I don’t even really like doughnuts- so I wasn’t drawn to this picture because of the subject. (which sometimes is the case) But it was something different- so let’s dive a little deeper.

Ok there is no better way for me to dissect this then to just let you into my head. So it may come out a little like a ramble- but hopefully it makes sense!

The first thing that I can note is that I love the frosting in this, the color, the imperfection, the layering of it below the doughnuts, on the doughnuts. I connect the color of the doughnuts to wood and love it paired with the metal rack. There is repetitive circles, and I am OBSESSED with the peek and punch of that grapefruit color. If there were no grapefruit I don’t think I would have even saved this picture, it was the unexpected surprise this picture needed.

Did I stress any of you out with that paragraph? Are you thinking, there is no way you are going to be able to do that? Well I am telling you right now, it is going to be easier for some then others. BUT. You all can do it. Just like everything in life it is going to take practice and time before you may get the hang of it. Before you know it though you would be able to do this with anything.

From this picture above I created a mood board- for me this just feels like a little girls room. So that’s the direction I went.

Hopefully you can tell where each item came from as far as inspo, the repetitive circles, use of wood, metal, color scheme. That rug I pulled being that unexpected pop. Ya see how this works? It’s really fun to do too. I hope this post was helpful for you guys! There are going to be more coming like this, pulling inspo from nature, fashion, etc. so get ready.

I want to also note, that the awesome doughnut picture that was the inspiration for this blog post was found from the amazing @zestfulkitchen


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