Let’s Stay Home | Transitioning decor from Christmas to Winter
Let’s Stay Home | Transitioning decor from Christmas to Winter

I am super excited about today’s blog post. I recently have learned about the Danish expression “hygge”, pronounced “hoo-ga”- which means the feeling of being cozy, content, and enjoying the simple things of life. Right now is a time in our society that we are all about making goals, doing all the things (working out more, eating better, volunteering more, etc. ) These are all awesome things, and I too love making goals and feeling a clean slate. But, after hearing a lot about Hygge, and reading a lot about it, I am realizing how important it is to incorporate it into our lives.

Ok, I know this may seem like a somewhat boring topic, but stay with me and hear me out! Right now, if you look at nature winter is all about hibernation,  animals do it, plants do it, it’s needed and natural for everything around us. Are WE hibernating? Obviously, we don’t go into a deep sleep for months, although that would be nice. But, do we take the opportunity of winter to slow down? Do we enjoy being inside cuddled up in blankets? Read books by the fire? Put together puzzles and color with our kids. Bake delicious yummy things in our oven?

My point is I think we do some of this with Christmas and holidays, but as soon as January 1st hits our society almost immediately turns that all off and goes into overdrive of goals, being better, adding a bunch of things into our schedule, etc. What if we still made goals, BUT, we also incorporated Hygge into our life.

Are you with me? I want to add Hygge into my families life this winter. So how do we do it?

  1. Take the Christmas decor down, but leave up all the cozy winter vibes. (So all the Santas and Reindeer can go, but leave the trees, the bells, etc.)
  2. Keep all the extra throws on the couch.
  3. Keep diffusing or burning candles that smell of “Christmas” all Christmas smells are, are winter. Pine, Cinnamon, Etc.
  4. Greenery garlands don’t have to be Christmas, they are just considered Christmas because it’s when everybody pulls them out. Keep them out for winter!

If you have been here for a hot minute, you know I am all about 5 senses when it comes to your space. So we have tackled see (winter decor), touch ( keep those warm blankets out), smell (candles or diffusing), taste (keep baking!), and last hearing. You don’t need to keep playing Christmas music, but keep music playing. Do you notice a difference and feel in your home when all the Christmas music is playing? It’s because people can connect to music, it naturally brings emotions out of people. Keep music playing and create new memories to new songs with those that you love.

I want my kids when they are older to hear an “old song” on the radio and immediately remember moments our family shared with that song. It’s all about making memories and moments. Now whose with me on jumping onto the Hygge wagon?! Make your home still feel the coziness of winter, don’t pass it by.


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