#MilletsComeHome : Building Update

Ok. friends. It has been a little bit of journey getting to where we are with the house today. It has been so fun FINALLY starting to build. I want to make that clear, and also how grateful we are to be in this process. But, I would be lying if I said it has been easy. There has been a lot of things that haven’t gone our way and have made us have to make changes to our floor plan that are not in our favor. So! With that being said let’s dive in!


What we have encountered so far…

So our hole was dug, footings and foundations walls were poured all within a week. We were over the moon with how quickly everything was going. We soon realized our first “problem” we had to shift a part of the garage to fit better on our lot. By shifting the garage it ended up taking 6 inches out of a pop out that we have in our garage. 6 inches doesn’t sound like much right? But it ended up making it so we had to take out 2 different windows that were originally going to be on that pop out. Erick was bummed because this pop out was where his work bench will be in the garage and he was looking forward to the natural light. I was bummed because every window was placed in thought of what it would do for the appearance of the exterior of our home. At the end of the day we were both glad that it happened in our garage and not somewhere else.

We also had our basement windows all above ground making it so we didn’t have to have any window wells. Well. That ended up changing too. Because we could get a better seal on our windows if we did do the window wells we ended up deciding that would be better than getting future water leak in or basement from the windows. ( There is a lot more that went into this, but I am trying to save you from all the really boring details! haha)

From there the garage and basement were backfilled and compacted- rough plumbing soon went it which brought our next set of problems. The sink kitchenette was plumbed on the wrong wall in our basement and the freestanding tub in the master was plumbed for the wrong kind of faucet. Both of these luckily were pretty easy fixes- just ended up pushing our timeline a little bit.

Now for the big mama problem. First, as I am writing this I feel like it is coming across as a lot of complaints and bad things. Which, I want to clarify that I am not complaining. Just simply wanting to share with you this crazy roller coaster ride. So, Erick went and put in the foam, wire mesh and radiant floor in the basement and garage. After he was done, he was told that he forgot one spot footing that needed to be exposed. He had to go back and expose existing footing, which imagine cutting away styrofoam it was kind of a mess. But, he got it and we wish that could be where the radiant floor and foam story ended. Lo and behold a huge wind storm ended up taking out the garage radiant floor system, and blew away foam on the main floor. The foam was all over the neighborhood and broke into a ton of pieces. Erick had to piece together foam remnants, and put radiant floor back together. They finally poured the cement on the garage and basement which secured the foam and radiant floor which Erick was so ready for.

Then if mother nature hadn’t already set us back enough another wind storm hit and took out all the foam and radiant floor on our main level and Erick yet again had to scour the neighborhood and lot for the foam and re puzzle it together with the radiant flooring. You guys? Can you even? I seriously felt so bad for Erick. He had put together the same project several times before it finally had cement poured on top. Praise the heavens that that is over and done.

So what’s the latest?

They just started framing about 10 days ago and have now finished the basement and have started on the main floor. As they have been framing we have already run into other problems making us have to shift some walls in original basement floor plan. In the next month we are hoping that the whole house will be framed and we will then start on the roof, setting windows and exterior doors.  Even though we have come across more problems that we bargained for, we have learned that even though we spent months into perfecting this house, no matter how hard we try it isn’t going to turn out EXACTLY how we envisioned. But it is going to be pretty darn close and we just can’t wait until we can call it home.

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    Kid Room Inspiration

    As I am currently working on 3 kid rooms for a client I have been looking at a lot of Pinterest Inspo. I thought I would share in the fun in case you needed some new ideas! I am completely in love with the new boho feel. The touches of macrame, rainbows and rattan are completely making my heart happy. With that said, my client I am working with currently likes a slightly more traditional approach than the full on boho. So, I am taking these pictures and turning them into something a little more simple and sophisticated. It is going to be so pretty! I can’t wait to show you how they all come along. If you follow along on my instastories you’ve seen some of the items that I have picked up for the nursery.

    Kid rooms, rainbow wall hanging, neutralKid rooms, swan hanging, neutralKid rooms, peonies wallpaper, neutral

    Kid rooms, girl room, neutralKid rooms, swan hanging, neutral

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5


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      World Market Rug Sale

      I love World Market. They are already affordable prices, so when they have a sale the prices are SO GOOD. Majority of these rugs I have listed below I saw in person and would put in my own home. If only I had enough money and room for all of them. I haven’t seen a rug sale here in awhile, so if you have been looking for one now is a good time to snag something! If you have any questions regarding any of them feel free to send me a DM on Instagram.

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        Did you know there is a TJMaxx Online?!

        Somehow I did not know this until last week! Holy crap. So excited. I am at Home Goods once a week, and I am so glad that I can know find stuff online. TJMaxx is a sister company to Home Goods and carries a lot of the same/similar items. I just did a quick scan through and pulled together my favorite items that are on there right now!

        The prices are so good for what the items are, hence why I am such an addict to Home Goods. It’s a whole new level now being able to just stay in home and shop online. So so happy over here.

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          #MilletsComeHome | My Current Favorite Kitchen Lighting

          I am all about having something look custom, it adds instant character and personality. But, it also is a great way to make that room look a little more expensive. I am in the process of picking out our lighting for over our island and dining room table. I want them to match since they will be seen together, but I am not about matchy matchy. To me the instant you see matchy matchy it just BLARES builder grade.

          Things I look for when I am trying to pair two lights that weren’t designed to necessarily go together are:

          1. Similar shapes
          2. Similar color scheme
          3. Come from the same style, Ex: mid century modern, traditional, etc.

          Here are my favorite lights that I am loving right now, I think you will see a clear theme rather quickly of what shapes, colors, and style I am loving. I think a lot of these would pair nicely together. All of the pictures below are shoppable!

          Now for me too decide which ones I should put in my house! I literally want them all. If you want to see even more of the lights I am loving and want to be up to date on my latest pinning, come follow along with me on Pinterest.


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            Inspo Diaries| Inspired by Others without Copying

            You are on Pinterest and you fall in love with a picture, you love it. You want your bathroom to feel just like it. But, how do you accomplish that without copying every detail? It’s hard! Because, let’s be honest. The easy route is to mimic and copy it as much as we could. But, believe me- it will feel way more true to you if you dig a little deeper and do a little work.

            So here are my suggestions!

            1. Look at the color scheme of the room. Pull out a pad of paper and write down or your phone and jot down the MAIN colors of the room.
            2. If you can, write down how the room feels to you. Does it make you feel peaceful? Are you excited about it? Do you feel happy? Take note of your feelings.
            3. Write down your absolute favorite part of the room. Is it the white walls? Is it that amazing pendant? The artwork? Nail down ONE THING, no more that is your absolute favorite.
              Now take what you know and let’s build a new room. You can use all the same colors if you want too. But if you are feeling brave maybe only use a couple.

            1. Colors, you can use all the same colors from your inspiration room if you want too. Or if you are feeling brave only use two or three.

            2. When you are picking out new furniture, artwork, decor-does it give you the same feelings as your inspo room? Maybe put yourself in a situation that you can visualize to help you answer this question. For example. If you showed up in your inspiration room how would you feel like you need to be dressed when you saw the lighting, artwork, rug, etc. Do you feel amazing in sweats? Or do you wish you would have worn your nicest dress? Sounds funny. But think about when you go to a restaurant, you definitely would feel a little over dressed in a full gown in a chik-fil-a vs. some 5 star restaurant. It’s the same in your home! Certain items give you certain feelings. So to sum this tip up. Make sure you are accomplishing a similar feel from your inspo picture into your room.

            3. Your favorite part of the room. Go ahead and mimic this as much as you want. If this one thing is something that really speaks to you. Then add that girl. If you are obsessed with the angle of the freestanding tub, then angle yours.

            As always if you have any questions please feel free to drop a comment below or to send me a DM on Instagram. Thank you so much for being here! Your support always means a lot.


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              #MILLETSCOMEHOME | Exterior Home Inspo

              Obsessed with each of these exteriors for numerous reasons. When we were designing the exterior of our home these were just a handful of the homes that inspired us for ours. If you want to see more homes that I love head over to my Pinterest, specifically my board Dream Home.

              gorgeous exterior home, exterior door, side doorexterior home, open back porch1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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                #MILLETSCOMEHOME | Master Bathroom Inspo

                Every time I look at my inspo I get so excited about what’s to come! I can’t wait to start sharing with you guys what we’ve picked out, why we designed rooms the way we did, etc. So stay tuned for that because it’s going to be so fun to share! But for now you can enjoy looking at these pretty inspo pictures.

                white bathroom inspo, tilebath inspo, white tile, aztec ruginspo bath, hanging gold pendantssink inspo master bath1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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                  LET’S STAY HOME | Cottage Cheese Pancakes

                  Question for you, what is your earliest childhood memory? I know, making you do a little bit of work here, but bear with me. Most of our early childhood memories start at around the age of 4. My earliest memory was my mom calling me in from playing outside and having me decide whether I wanted to go to Preschool or take gymnastics. Of course I picked preschool because I was all about getting the backpack. To this day I’m still a bag lover, what can I say.

                  So the point of all this memory talk is that I WANT TO CREATE MEMORIES for my kids. I want them to remember waking up on Saturday morning to pancakes. Then if you are really feeling ambitious you could even make them look like cute little animals. I did this for my kids and they freaked out, in the best way. Only bad thing is I can never get away with a normal plain just syrup pancake again. So you have been warned. But they love it, and I love that they love it.

                  These pancakes have cottage cheese in them, which I was a little weary here of at fist. But, IT IS HEAVEN. These are my family’s favorite pancakes. Plus, bonus that they have a decent amount of protein in them.  When we eat them our favorite thing to put on them is fruit or fruit syrup. The fruit just pairs amazing with the hint of cheese in the pancake. I personally don’t think these are “syrup pancakes” but my kids would beg to differ. Eden always has them with syrup. Another good option is to put cookie butter on them. May not be the healthiest, but definitely delicious.


                  RECIPE: Makes about 10 small pancakes


                  3 eggs

                  1 cup cottage cheese

                  1 teaspoon vanilla extract

                  2 tablespoons agave (or honey)

                  1/4 cup milk

                  1/2 cup flour

                  1 teaspoon baking powder

                  1/4 teaspoon salt

                  Butter or oil spray

                  Optional: half scoop of your favorite vanilla protein


                  Place the first 4 ingredients in a bowl and whisk. Add all dry ingredients, and then finish with your 1/4 cup of milk.

                  Unlike a normal pancake, I like to cook these at low temp and really let them cook majority of the time on one side. These do take longer than a normal pancake to cook, just be patient.

                  MY TIPS

                  • Use a whole lot of butter on your pan before putting the batter on
                  • If the batter sits to long it thickens up quite a bit, just add a little water if needed



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                    HERE’S YOUR TIP | How to style bookcases and shelves.

                    Since starting my design Instagram feed the most asked question I have gotten has been on this topic. How do I style my bookcases? Well girl, I got you. There is a lot of info today, so I’m just going to cut right to it.

                    7 tips to styling your bookcase

                    There are two MAJOR things to keep in mind when styling a shelf  in my opinion, and everything else is just bonuses to bring it to the next level. So if you only remember 2 of these tips, remember these first two.

                    1. NEGATIVE SPACE- it is important to have it! Don’t feel like every shelf needs to have a million things on it. You want there to be room for your eye to not get overwhelmed. You also want to try and divide out negative space evenly. For example on the picture above the 2nd and 3rd shelf both have the same canister  (other than one is shorter) notice how I placed one on the left and one on the right. This helps to equally balance what you are viewing. They literally are taking up almost the same amount of space on the shelf meaning that all the empty space around them, the negative space, is pretty equal. Using the canisters is an easy example- so what happens if you aren’t using any of the same objects? Look at how much space is being taken up by your object on the left and then make sure the shelf BELOW it on the RIGHT has about the same visual weight.
                    2. LEVELS- it is so easy for things that “go on a shelf” to all be really similar in size. It is really boring to your eye though if everything IS all the same size. So make sure to pick objects that help to have different eye levels on each shelf. 
                      3. FIND OBJECTS TO CREATE LEVELS- the most obvious thing is to use books, but you could also use wood trays and flip them over to create additional height on your self to place objects on. 4. SOFT COVER BOOKS- instead of having the bound part of the book facing out turn the books around so the pages are showing. Again it will simplify the colors going on from maybe several different colors, to just shades of white/grey. 5. HARD COVER BOOKS- I love using hardcover books, but to make them look super professional in your styling pull all the slip covers off! You will be surprised how many really ugly slip covers have a really pretty solid colored hardcover. 

                    6. USE DIFFERENT MATERIALS- Use wood, metal, ceramic, paper- don’t get too crazy. But you also don’t want everything to be the same material. Doing this is what adds “texture” to your shelf.

                    7. GREENERY- I am never opposed to adding greenery anywhere. I always thinks it adds just that little bit of life that any space is dying for without it.




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                      Weekend Sale Round-Up

                      Oooooh man. All I can say is that two of my favorite home decor places are having some awesome deals this weekend. I am obsessed with Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. But, with that being said I can usually never buy anything at either place unless it’s on a good sale. With that being said though, when the sale comes I am not afraid to splurge a little because I know that the quality is always going to be there. Which is SO important to me. Who wants to buy something that’s just going to fall apart?!

                      Anthropologie has 25% off Furniture, Decor and Select Bedding

                      BUT the big sale is they have an ADDITIONAL 40% off winter sale items (don’t let the word winter deter you-this stuff is so good and could be used all year round) Click here to be taken right to the 40% off items. The 40% comes off after it’s in your cart.

                      Urban Outfitters has up to 40% off all Home decor, Bedding, Wall art, etc.

                      Both sales were awesome and I bought at both places. Enjoy while the sales are good!

                      I think my favorite thing I scored was this adorable throw from Anthro, I’m guessing it’s going to go on my bed. But it would look adorable over a chair, on a sofa, or even just a good blanket to cuddle with.

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                        #MILLETSCOMEHOME | Eden’s Big Girl Room Inspo

                        I wasn’t planning on putting together Eden’s big girl room until we moved into our new house. But, she is so ready for it and we desperately need a new bed for her. So now it is! And I’m just as pumped as she is about it, if not even more. So I thought I would just share through my thought process.

                        First, if you know Eden she is obsessed with pink, that actually is probably an understatement. Majority of her clothes are different shades of pink, and she will gladly wear a full pink head to toe outfit on repeat. For Eden, the color pink literally makes her happy, it makes her smile, it brings joy into that sweet little heart. So even though pink is NOT my favorite color I knew immediately I was going a pink route in this room.

                        After a little scrolling time with Pinterest

                        1, 2, 3

                        After my time with Pinterest I usually end up just going to stores, looking on online for anything that in this case made me think “Eden”. Here are a few of the items that I came across that I loved.

                        I am super pumped with the things that I ended up with, and the best part is that what I ended up was nothing like what I first envisioned. Which is typically how it goes around here. I cannot wait to show you guys what it turns out like. It’s going to be so good!
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