INSPO DIARIES | Being Inspired by Doughnuts

One of the biggest things I want to teach you guys is that you can be inspired by EVERYTHING. Take note of anything that catches your eye as you are scrolling Instagram or Pinterest. When you like something, even if you don’t know why save it. Create a board in Pinterest or a collection in Instagram. Then, when you are going to redecorate a room or something similar, go to that board and scroll through your saved pictures. I guarantee you will see a pattern. Look for similar colors, similar shapes, similar textures. You will soon find out WHAT SPEAKS TO YOU. What colors make you feel happy when you seem them, what patterns, what textures, etc. Then you can create a room that you love. And why will you love it?! Because it will speak to the inner part of you. It will create joy when you see it. That’s what every room should bring when you walk into it, joy. That looks different for everyone. So I dare you to start doing this and find out what your style is. Then next time when you go to decorate, or pick out a new paint color you don’t have to go off what is ” in and trendy” you can go off what speaks to you. You with me?

Ok, man what an intro. Now that I got that all out of the way and we are on the same page I am going to be sharing different things that have caught my eye and are pictures that bring my inner joy when I look at it. From the picture I will show you how I would pull from it and create/design something from it. Hopefully it will help teach you what to look for while you are doing it for yourself.

Ready?! So, if you couldn’t tell by my title doughnuts are today’s inspo and I couldn’t be more excited. Fun fact, I don’t even really like doughnuts- so I wasn’t drawn to this picture because of the subject. (which sometimes is the case) But it was something different- so let’s dive a little deeper.

Ok there is no better way for me to dissect this then to just let you into my head. So it may come out a little like a ramble- but hopefully it makes sense!

The first thing that I can note is that I love the frosting in this, the color, the imperfection, the layering of it below the doughnuts, on the doughnuts. I connect the color of the doughnuts to wood and love it paired with the metal rack. There is repetitive circles, and I am OBSESSED with the peek and punch of that grapefruit color. If there were no grapefruit I don’t think I would have even saved this picture, it was the unexpected surprise this picture needed.

Did I stress any of you out with that paragraph? Are you thinking, there is no way you are going to be able to do that? Well I am telling you right now, it is going to be easier for some then others. BUT. You all can do it. Just like everything in life it is going to take practice and time before you may get the hang of it. Before you know it though you would be able to do this with anything.

From this picture above I created a mood board- for me this just feels like a little girls room. So that’s the direction I went.

Hopefully you can tell where each item came from as far as inspo, the repetitive circles, use of wood, metal, color scheme. That rug I pulled being that unexpected pop. Ya see how this works? It’s really fun to do too. I hope this post was helpful for you guys! There are going to be more coming like this, pulling inspo from nature, fashion, etc. so get ready.

I want to also note, that the awesome doughnut picture that was the inspiration for this blog post was found from the amazing @zestfulkitchen


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    Let’s Stay Home | Transitioning decor from Christmas to Winter

    I am super excited about today’s blog post. I recently have learned about the Danish expression “hygge”, pronounced “hoo-ga”- which means the feeling of being cozy, content, and enjoying the simple things of life. Right now is a time in our society that we are all about making goals, doing all the things (working out more, eating better, volunteering more, etc. ) These are all awesome things, and I too love making goals and feeling a clean slate. But, after hearing a lot about Hygge, and reading a lot about it, I am realizing how important it is to incorporate it into our lives.

    Ok, I know this may seem like a somewhat boring topic, but stay with me and hear me out! Right now, if you look at nature winter is all about hibernation,  animals do it, plants do it, it’s needed and natural for everything around us. Are WE hibernating? Obviously, we don’t go into a deep sleep for months, although that would be nice. But, do we take the opportunity of winter to slow down? Do we enjoy being inside cuddled up in blankets? Read books by the fire? Put together puzzles and color with our kids. Bake delicious yummy things in our oven?

    My point is I think we do some of this with Christmas and holidays, but as soon as January 1st hits our society almost immediately turns that all off and goes into overdrive of goals, being better, adding a bunch of things into our schedule, etc. What if we still made goals, BUT, we also incorporated Hygge into our life.

    Are you with me? I want to add Hygge into my families life this winter. So how do we do it?

    1. Take the Christmas decor down, but leave up all the cozy winter vibes. (So all the Santas and Reindeer can go, but leave the trees, the bells, etc.)
    2. Keep all the extra throws on the couch.
    3. Keep diffusing or burning candles that smell of “Christmas” all Christmas smells are, are winter. Pine, Cinnamon, Etc.
    4. Greenery garlands don’t have to be Christmas, they are just considered Christmas because it’s when everybody pulls them out. Keep them out for winter!

    If you have been here for a hot minute, you know I am all about 5 senses when it comes to your space. So we have tackled see (winter decor), touch ( keep those warm blankets out), smell (candles or diffusing), taste (keep baking!), and last hearing. You don’t need to keep playing Christmas music, but keep music playing. Do you notice a difference and feel in your home when all the Christmas music is playing? It’s because people can connect to music, it naturally brings emotions out of people. Keep music playing and create new memories to new songs with those that you love.

    I want my kids when they are older to hear an “old song” on the radio and immediately remember moments our family shared with that song. It’s all about making memories and moments. Now whose with me on jumping onto the Hygge wagon?! Make your home still feel the coziness of winter, don’t pass it by.


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      #MILLETSCOMEHOME | Our Kitchen Inspiration

      Guys, I still pinch myself that we are building a house. I have dreamed of this since I was a little girl. But really. I was sketching out floorplans and space planning my own bedroom when I was in elementary school. My dad pretty soon had to limit the number of times a year that he would rearrange my furniture for me. Design is in me and always has been. So yes. I am a giddy girl over here as I have been pouring hours into designing our home.

      My biggest feat is going to be making sure all my ideas are slimmed down. Because I like A LOT of different styles, so I am going to be doing my best to mix and match and mesh together what I love from Mid Century Modern, Scandinavian and Farmhouse…and let’s be honest maybe a couple others. Sounds like a mess when I say it out loud, or type it? But, I really think it’s going to be beautiful.

      Alright, enough of me chatting away. Here are my main pictures of inspiration for our kitchen.

      kitchen, lots of windows, subway tile backsplashfarmhouse sink, kitchenSpanish style Kitchengorgeous scandinavian kitchenWhite kitchen, white cabinets

      1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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        #MILLETSCOMEHOME | We’re Building Our Home!

        Ah! You guuuuyyyys. It has been a long time coming. Over a year ago we took a Sunday drive with the family and we happened upon a field that was going to be turned into a subdivision. We LOVED the area, and it was a bring your own contractor. We couldn’t believe it. Really. Those kind of lots just don’t exist. Erick and I have always wanted to build our own home, and by build our home, I mean literally. Erick grew up building the houses his family lived in and I have my Interior Design background. We have been looking forward to doing this for a long time.

        When we found this lot we were both overly stoked. We had pretty much first pick of the lots that were going to be in the neighborhood and we picked one in a circle with a gorgeous view of the mountains and canyon. Everything couldn’t have seemed more perfect. Then reality sank in and it has been a long year of trying to make everything work and line up just right for us to build. Even though this last year has consisted of lots of jumping through hoops and lots of patience. We are at the finish line!! Everything has been finalized and closed with the bank and we are just waiting for our permit from the city (which cross our fingers will be by Christmas).

        Erick and I spent about 6 months drafting our perfect plans and I literally am giddy that we are actually going to build this house that we designed together. I hope you guys are as excited as I am because I am taking you for the full ride. I will be sharing glimpses of our floor plans throughout the next few months and why we designed each room the way we did. I will also be sharing mood boards and design plans for each room, and all the things. I seriously am so excited! It’s going to be good friends.


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          Here’s Your Tip | Do’s and Don’ts to Hanging Curtain

          Ah, curtains. Do you love them? Or hate them because you never know what size, how wide, how long, how many panels. This is one of those things that your parents don’t really teach you growing up so how are you supposed to know? Most people don’t know, so you are not alone. I am so glad you are here though because if you could implement these tips into your living room, bedroom etc. you are going to notice a huge difference! How curtains are hung can actually impact how tall your ceilings look, how big your room can look, etc.

          So I found an awesome image created by Charles Dundas-Shaw and I had to use it because it is the perfect visual to show and explain why curtains have a right way that they should be hung. Also, be sure to continue to scroll down for some curtain eye candy. Yes. Curtains can be eye candy. Believe me on this one.

          Ok now that you know what you need to do to make your rooms look beautiful with beautifully hung curtains let’s look at that eye candy I mentioned. All the following images are from Anthropolgie and they just pretty much have me wanting every single one of these pretty things.

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            Let’s Stay Home | Holiday Potpourri

            I am so excited for this new series- Let’s Stay Home. You all know I am obsessed with Interior Design, I love how it can help your home feel beautiful. But there is so much more that goes into creating a space then what you visually see. When you think about your home on Christmas is it only the presents and decorations that you think of? Or do you think about the coziness of heavy warm blankets, the smell of hot chocolate, or cinnamon rolls. It’s the smell of cinnamon rolls in the oven that makes me think about Christmas morning. Because for my family EVERY Christmas morning we had cinnamon rolls.

            Do you see where I am going with all of this? I want your home to be something more than something that is beautiful, because it is a place where memories are made. If we want to talk logistics, in design it is smart to try and evoke every single one of the 5 senses in every room. Did you know that? It’s part of how you can get people to feel comfortable, to relate, to feel at home. 

            Today I am sharing one of my favorite stove top potpourri recipes. It is the perfect way that you can add that perfect scent to your home for your holiday parties. But, believe me it’s so good you will want to do it all winter long. It only takes a few minutes and you really can throw just what you have at home in. No need to do this recipe exactly.


            Holiday Stove Top Potpourri:

            5 Cups of Water

            2 Navel Orange Peels

            1  Large Apple cut in half or quartered

            1 Tsp Ground Nutmeg

            1 Tsp Ground Coriander

            4-5 Cinnamon Sticks

            1 tsp worth of cut ginger root

            Large Handful of Cranberries


            Place all items in pot and place on boil, after 20-30 minutes turn heat down to low and keep on low. Make sure to check the water and add more as needs be.


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              Christmas Tree Inspiration

              When it comes to the Christmas Tree how could you not get excited to decorate? Am I right?! Keeping it simple today with this post because, well these pictures speak for themselves. The trees are insanely gorgeous. I am pretty much obsessed with them ALL. On top of that I included a few of my favorite tree decorating tips!



              christmas tree with gold and silver ornaments


              christmas tree with black and white ornaments


              christmas tree with silver and white ornamentsFive

              christmas tree with red and white ornaments



              Christmas Tree Decorating Tips:

              1. Decorate lights, than garland, than lastly ornaments.
              2. For each foot of tree you should have roughly 10 day ornaments, so for a 7′ tree buy 70 ornaments.
              3. Don’t let ornaments dangle to far off of branches. You want them tighter against the branch.
              4. If you want to get fancy and bring your tree to a new level use big thick WIRED ribbon. Youtube how to decorate Christmas tree with ribbon and there will be a million tutorials on how.






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                6 Tips to Make Gift Wrapping Affordable and Stunning

                I don’t know about you, but I always love when the outside of the gift is just as good as the inside. For me it’s just an extra way to show the person you care about them. Most the people I give gifts too could probably care less about the extra time spent on making it look pretty. But you know what? Who cares. This is one of those things I do for me 🙂 No guilt. I love it.

                It can get expensive so be smart about where you spend the money if you are wanting to go all out. Here are my 5 tips for when buying your gift wrapping essentials.

                1. Spend your money first on good ribbon! If you need to you can use paper bags from the grocery store as wrapping, or cheap craft paper. But the ribbon, if you go cheap- the whole thing will look cheap.
                2. Go to the dollar store or to the dollar section at Target. I scored so many of these cute little add ons to my gifts from these sections. It adds so much for so little.
                3. Because ribbon can get expensive switch it up and use jute too. It is inexpensive for a lot. Still can give a really appealing look when you just go to town and wrap it around a present a million times. Ok maybe there needs to be a little method to the madness. But it will still work
                4. Look for gift box sets! I found a few at Target that had a bunch of boxes in a set for $3 or less and then you don’t even have to buy wrapping paper, just ribbon.
                5. If you don’t want to spend money on gift tags, then don’t. You can always make your own, or if you have good calligraphy you could always draw there names as part of the “decor” of your gift.
                6. Lastly, adding some greenery to a gift makes it look so much fancier AND makes it look like you spent more time when it’s really such an easy step.

                Shop The Post

                By clicking on any of the images in this shop the post it will take you directly to where you can buy these same items I used! By clicking and using my link I get a small commission from your purchase. It’s what will help me to keep doing projects like this for you guys, so it’s much appreciated!



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                  5 Holiday Mantle Inspirations

                  I think my favorite place to decorate for the holidays is a mantle- even more than the Christmas tree. This year for me has looked a little different since I don’t have a fireplace while we rent as our house is being built. So with that in mind I decided to pull together some inspo for those that have a mantle and those that don’t. Because if you don’t there is a still a way to make you have that space to decorate with your stockings!


                  I love all the layers that she has going on. So much texture. Super clean and yet so Christmas!


                  Jessica Garvin

                  I feel like this is the perfect mix of Contemporary with a flare of vintage. I am obsessed.


                  The Merry Thought

                  How easy is this? Don’t have a mantle, simply use a shelf to make festive.


                  Black and white, so classic. Again, another beautiful way to show off your stockings without a mantle.


                  Better Homes and Gardens

                  Nothing like that Christmas red. Somehow this is the perfect mix of traditional and Scandinavian. I love those trees!


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                    Boho Girl Bedroom- Shop The Room

                    Ok friends. I came across this picture from @michellerogers_styling on Instagram and I DIED. I have been wanting to get this daybed from World Market for months- and then after seeing this image it cemented my want ever more. The purchase would have already been made if we weren’t waiting to move into our house. But you better believe it’s one of my items that will be bought soon after we move. Because, it is perfection.

                    So, because I was so in love with this room I thought it would be fun to put together a “get the look” post on it. Maybe selfishly so that I can recreate a similar vibe for Miss Eden, but I wanted to share!

                    Before we dive into where you can shop everything I thought it would be fun to do a break down of what Michelle did to make this room look amazing and have everything work together.

                    1. Notice all the different textures she used, the rug shag and tassels, the throw pillows, different textures of wood, etc. Texture is ALWAYS appealing to the eye.
                    2. Color breakdown. If you took out the bedding what colors are you left with? Neutrals. I love doing this in my home. Create stability with big items being more neutral and then adding in pops of color with items that can easily be switched out.
                    3. She style in 3’s. This is such an important styling rule. Group of 3 pillows on daybed. 3 shelves. 3 items styled on that lower shelf. Small details, but overall helps create balance to the overall room.
                    4. Lastly, plants. Yes, I know I am a crazy plant lady. But I swear you add a plant to any room, any space and it will automatically make the overall space more inviting. PROMISE.

                    Now to the good stuff. Shopping. I did my best to try and find as similar as possible. In fact daybed, and some of the pillows are exact matches. Wahoo!


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                      Easy 5 Minute DIY Wreath

                      When it comes to DIY it has to be fast and easy otherwise it is never going to get done at my house. Not because I don’t love to do them. But hello mom life. In about 15 minutes I made three wreaths. Yes THREE. So babes, this one is worth just grabbing those materials together and making some magic.

                      This wreath I think works perfect for all year round, then again I am just a sucker for eucalyptus. Lucky for me eucalyptus is a huge thing this year for Christmas decor. If it doesn’t feel Christmasy enough for you go outside cut a little pine and just throw it in the mix!

                      What You Need:

                      1 bunch of eucalyptus (you can buy fresh, but I think THIS that I used looks just as real and it will last forever. THIS would work too. )

                      1 10 inch brass craft hoop (any size will work, THIS, is what I used)

                      Floral Wire (like THIS)

                      A pair of scissors



                      1. Start by cutting of stems of the eucalyptus so you have several pieces to work with rather than keeping it in one large bunch.
                      2. I liked to start with my largest piece and hold it against the bottom of the hoop until I liked how it laid.
                      3. Take about a 2-3 inch piece of wire and attach the stem to the ring by twisting the wire around them together several times. End with both ends of the wire poking in the back of your arrangement. I found it helpful to end up twisting to the two ends together in the back to finish it off and give a good hold. Then trim the ends if you need too.
                      4. Then take a couple stems and add it to your ring in the same way. I liked to take some of the new stems and attach it to the ring with parts of the original one you used. Leave some of the branches and stems free. It helps to make it look more realistic and natural. Lastly, make sure you are adding all your stems in the same direction.
                      5.  Continue adding more stems until you like what you see. For me the amount of stems I used varied on each wreath I did.
                      6. At this point if you wanted to add in some berries or pine you could do that as well.

                      Note: The great thing about this project is that not only is it fast, but you don’t have to use a ton of Eucalyptus. I only used about half of the bunch that I bought and I made 3 wreaths.




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                        10 Pots/Baskets For Your House Plants

                        If you have been hanging out on my Instastories this weekend then you will know that I have been raving about this Fiddle Leaf Tree from QVC. Guys. This is one you need to get if you have been in search for a good faux house plant. It looks SO realistic and the price is unbeatable. Really. They are usually at least $100 and you can score this one for $53!! That’s including shipping, also make sure to use code ten4u. The only downfall, which really isn’t much of one is that it comes in an itty bitty little pot. So you will want to put it in something. If you have no idea what Fiddle Leaf Tree I’m talking about, click here.


                        Well babe I’ve got your back and I have down all the heavy lifting for you and put together the following list of great options for you! All of these range in prices, some size variance (although I made note of the sizes and all should work for the Fiddle Leaf Tree on QVC), and some of them have multiple color options, so make sure to check them all out and see what fits best for your style and budget!








                        I can’t wait for you babes to score this amazing deal and hopefully you will love one of these pot options for you. As always if you buy from my suggestion I would love to hear about it! Thank you guys so much for being here and your support. It means the world to me!



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