6 Tips to Make Gift Wrapping Affordable and Stunning

I don’t know about you, but I always love when the outside of the gift is just as good as the inside. For me it’s just an extra way to show the person you care about them. Most the people I give gifts too could probably care less about the extra time spent on making it look pretty. But you know what? Who cares. This is one of those things I do for me 🙂 No guilt. I love it.

It can get expensive so be smart about where you spend the money if you are wanting to go all out. Here are my 5 tips for when buying your gift wrapping essentials.

  1. Spend your money first on good ribbon! If you need to you can use paper bags from the grocery store as wrapping, or cheap craft paper. But the ribbon, if you go cheap- the whole thing will look cheap.
  2. Go to the dollar store or to the dollar section at Target. I scored so many of these cute little add ons to my gifts from these sections. It adds so much for so little.
  3. Because ribbon can get expensive switch it up and use jute too. It is inexpensive for a lot. Still can give a really appealing look when you just go to town and wrap it around a present a million times. Ok maybe there needs to be a little method to the madness. But it will still work
  4. Look for gift box sets! I found a few at Target that had a bunch of boxes in a set for $3 or less and then you don’t even have to buy wrapping paper, just ribbon.
  5. If you don’t want to spend money on gift tags, then don’t. You can always make your own, or if you have good calligraphy you could always draw there names as part of the “decor” of your gift.
  6. Lastly, adding some greenery to a gift makes it look so much fancier AND makes it look like you spent more time when it’s really such an easy step.

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By clicking on any of the images in this shop the post it will take you directly to where you can buy these same items I used! By clicking and using my link I get a small commission from your purchase. It’s what will help me to keep doing projects like this for you guys, so it’s much appreciated!



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    5 Holiday Mantle Inspirations

    I think my favorite place to decorate for the holidays is a mantle- even more than the Christmas tree. This year for me has looked a little different since I don’t have a fireplace while we rent as our house is being built. So with that in mind I decided to pull together some inspo for those that have a mantle and those that don’t. Because if you don’t there is a still a way to make you have that space to decorate with your stockings!


    I love all the layers that she has going on. So much texture. Super clean and yet so Christmas!


    Jessica Garvin

    I feel like this is the perfect mix of Contemporary with a flare of vintage. I am obsessed.


    The Merry Thought

    How easy is this? Don’t have a mantle, simply use a shelf to make festive.


    Black and white, so classic. Again, another beautiful way to show off your stockings without a mantle.


    Better Homes and Gardens

    Nothing like that Christmas red. Somehow this is the perfect mix of traditional and Scandinavian. I love those trees!


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      Boho Girl Bedroom- Shop The Room

      Ok friends. I came across this picture from @michellerogers_styling on Instagram and I DIED. I have been wanting to get this daybed from World Market for months- and then after seeing this image it cemented my want ever more. The purchase would have already been made if we weren’t waiting to move into our house. But you better believe it’s one of my items that will be bought soon after we move. Because, it is perfection.

      So, because I was so in love with this room I thought it would be fun to put together a “get the look” post on it. Maybe selfishly so that I can recreate a similar vibe for Miss Eden, but I wanted to share!

      Before we dive into where you can shop everything I thought it would be fun to do a break down of what Michelle did to make this room look amazing and have everything work together.

      1. Notice all the different textures she used, the rug shag and tassels, the throw pillows, different textures of wood, etc. Texture is ALWAYS appealing to the eye.
      2. Color breakdown. If you took out the bedding what colors are you left with? Neutrals. I love doing this in my home. Create stability with big items being more neutral and then adding in pops of color with items that can easily be switched out.
      3. She style in 3’s. This is such an important styling rule. Group of 3 pillows on daybed. 3 shelves. 3 items styled on that lower shelf. Small details, but overall helps create balance to the overall room.
      4. Lastly, plants. Yes, I know I am a crazy plant lady. But I swear you add a plant to any room, any space and it will automatically make the overall space more inviting. PROMISE.

      Now to the good stuff. Shopping. I did my best to try and find as similar as possible. In fact daybed, and some of the pillows are exact matches. Wahoo!


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        Easy 5 Minute DIY Wreath

        When it comes to DIY it has to be fast and easy otherwise it is never going to get done at my house. Not because I don’t love to do them. But hello mom life. In about 15 minutes I made three wreaths. Yes THREE. So babes, this one is worth just grabbing those materials together and making some magic.

        This wreath I think works perfect for all year round, then again I am just a sucker for eucalyptus. Lucky for me eucalyptus is a huge thing this year for Christmas decor. If it doesn’t feel Christmasy enough for you go outside cut a little pine and just throw it in the mix!

        What You Need:

        1 bunch of eucalyptus (you can buy fresh, but I think THIS that I used looks just as real and it will last forever. THIS would work too. )

        1 10 inch brass craft hoop (any size will work, THIS, is what I used)

        Floral Wire (like THIS)

        A pair of scissors



        1. Start by cutting of stems of the eucalyptus so you have several pieces to work with rather than keeping it in one large bunch.
        2. I liked to start with my largest piece and hold it against the bottom of the hoop until I liked how it laid.
        3. Take about a 2-3 inch piece of wire and attach the stem to the ring by twisting the wire around them together several times. End with both ends of the wire poking in the back of your arrangement. I found it helpful to end up twisting to the two ends together in the back to finish it off and give a good hold. Then trim the ends if you need too.
        4. Then take a couple stems and add it to your ring in the same way. I liked to take some of the new stems and attach it to the ring with parts of the original one you used. Leave some of the branches and stems free. It helps to make it look more realistic and natural. Lastly, make sure you are adding all your stems in the same direction.
        5.  Continue adding more stems until you like what you see. For me the amount of stems I used varied on each wreath I did.
        6. At this point if you wanted to add in some berries or pine you could do that as well.

        Note: The great thing about this project is that not only is it fast, but you don’t have to use a ton of Eucalyptus. I only used about half of the bunch that I bought and I made 3 wreaths.




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          10 Pots/Baskets For Your House Plants

          If you have been hanging out on my Instastories this weekend then you will know that I have been raving about this Fiddle Leaf Tree from QVC. Guys. This is one you need to get if you have been in search for a good faux house plant. It looks SO realistic and the price is unbeatable. Really. They are usually at least $100 and you can score this one for $53!! That’s including shipping, also make sure to use code ten4u. The only downfall, which really isn’t much of one is that it comes in an itty bitty little pot. So you will want to put it in something. If you have no idea what Fiddle Leaf Tree I’m talking about, click here.


          Well babe I’ve got your back and I have down all the heavy lifting for you and put together the following list of great options for you! All of these range in prices, some size variance (although I made note of the sizes and all should work for the Fiddle Leaf Tree on QVC), and some of them have multiple color options, so make sure to check them all out and see what fits best for your style and budget!








          I can’t wait for you babes to score this amazing deal and hopefully you will love one of these pot options for you. As always if you buy from my suggestion I would love to hear about it! Thank you guys so much for being here and your support. It means the world to me!



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            Christmas Decor Staples

            This is literally my favorite time of the whole year to decorate! I’m sure for most people it is. I am not one to really go all out for any holiday except Christmas. Every year there seems to be some new trends as far as Christmas decor- especially what colors are “in” for that season. I’m hoping to give you guys a few of my tips of what I’ve done to make sure to enjoy my holiday decor every year without breaking the bank. Ya hear me? Because, let’s be real. There are a lot of other things are money is going towards this time of year.

            My biggest suggestion is to make a majority of your Christmas decor neutrals. I’ve done this for the past three years. Don’t worry it won’t be blah and just neutrals by the time we are done with it, so just stay with me here. The past few years I have bought lots of whites, creams, and wood tone decor for Christmas. I am a sucker for neutrals which is why I originally went this route. But, as the years have past I’ve realized how smart it has been that I’ve done this. Each year I have been able to pick a few items that were the “in” color scheme for the year. The first year I pulled in traditional reds, and greens. The following year I did blues and gold. Last year I did solely Gold with my neutrals. And this year I think I’m just going to do neutrals alone. My point is, if you have your staples neutral it can make it so you can pull any other color into it and not have to buy tons of new decorations if you are wanting a new feel for that year. Genius right?

            As I went to Target this week for my “Come Shop With Me” I wanted to browse through their Christmas selection. Which is killer this year, btw. I’m pretty excited about what I went home with because they are all going to be staples in our house for Christmas. Everything I got either had to do with creating new traditions in our home for the holidays or adding to my neutral Christmas decor collection.

            What I ended up with in my cart:

            Artificial Mistletoe– this was a smidge more than I would have liked the price to be. But it seemed good enough quality that it would actually last over years of being packed on packed out of storage. Also, what a fun tradition right?! I am excited to implement this for a little for me and the hubs.

            Milk and Cookie Set– I DIED when I saw this! This for sure is going to be a staple for tradition. I have been on the look out for something like this for years and never found one that I felt like matched my style and would timeless. Winner right here.

            Wood Garland– Another thing that I knew I had to have when I saw it. I felt like it was priced right and it would look beautiful no matter what other ornaments I decided to put on the tree. So when I knew it was something I could use year after year a few went straight into my cart.


            My Wish List:

            Everything I picked for in here I think would be amazing to add to anyone’s Christmas decor. Mostly neutrals to add to that base of decorations you could use every year. Just saving my pennies to snag a few more of these before the holiday.


            If you end getting anything from my suggestions above I would love to know about it! Tag me on an Insta story or send me a DM @kelsieemm






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              Tips to Arranging Furniture

              Today’s post is chucked full with a tons of different tips for you! I know that sometimes the most daunting thing about decorating a room can be how to place the furniture. How close should things be together, how to make it look balanced, etc. After this post you should be able to tackle any of those rooms that have been daunting you. Because let’s get real. Sometimes we just need a little confidence before we can tackle a project.

              1.First and foremost, I would suggest space planning on a piece of paper or use an online space planner. Here are just a few that I have found that you could use. Here, here, or here. Believe me, it’s worth trying to draw things out first. It will save your back, but it also will give you a new perspective on the room.

              2.  What is the purpose of your room? When laying out a room it’s important to know the answer to that question. Is it strictly a room to eat in, watch the tv, visit with guests, sleep, etc. Once you know that you know have a direction of what furniture is most important in that room to help provide that function. That’s chat family rooms. A lot of times a family room is a multipurpose room. We want to be able to kick back and watch TV, maybe eat dinner on the couch, but also enjoy company over. Guess what?! You can create a room that can do all those things. But, don’t hate me- because I am going to make you decide which one of those things is the MOST important for that room. Once you know, jump to tip 3.

              3. Alright, you know the purpose of your room, now you need to create a focal point for your room. Usually this can easily be decided by what the main function of the room is. If it’s to sleep it will be your bed, if it’s to watch TV it will be your TV, umm. Have I lost you? I hope not, because it really is that easy. The reason we want a focal point is because we need somewhere for our eye to land on or be. We need a place for it to rest. This could be a TV, fireplace, Bookshelf, Built-ins, a big Mirror, etc. Once you have your focal point you will set everything up around that object, or piece of furniture. If there isn’t an obvious focal point in your room you can just create one using a big piece of furniture, art, etc. If you are a visual learner hopefully this picture will help you out.

              4. Balance. It’s so important in space planning! You don’t want one side of a room to fill heavy than another. A lot of times visual balance is the same as actual balance. If there is a lot of heavy furniture on one side of the room and on the other side you have a really light (in lbs) chair it is not going to feel balanced. Distribute the weight evenly through a room.

              5. Scale. If you have a giant room you are going to need pretty decent sized furniture. If you have a small room, don’t take the whole space up with a huge sofa. Make sure the scales are similar. Depending on the size of your room-one sitting area may not be enough. Don’t be afraid to create two or three if you need too.


              6. Move away from the walls! This one is so big, and I think a lot of people are afraid of doing it. You can have furniture on angles. You can have all your furniture in a grouping that is off of the wall, all planted and held together with a big rug. Play around with moving furniture where you typically wouldn’t. Especially when it’s just on paper or digital. It takes one second and it could open up tons of new ideas for your space.


              Here are just a few numbers and measurements to keep in mind when you are space planning! Especially if you are being technical and drawing it out by hand.

              • Major Traffic Patterns – 36″
              • Minor Walkways – 24″
              • Clearance for the opening of a door – 36″
              • Space between sofa or chair and coffee table – 14-18″
              • Space from TV to seating – 3 times the size of TV screen
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                Home Tour: Seattle Scandinavian Neutral Condo

                I’m excited for the home tour this week, I wanted to share this stunning Seattle Condo by Brian Paquette. Sometimes staying in just the neutral color scheme can make things look sterile, or uninviting, boring, etc. But when you can add in the right amount of textures, interesting shapes, it can be stunning-and that is EXACTLY what this condo has accomplished.

                In this space not only are there great textures from the curtains, pillows and rugs. But, there is warmth brought in from the golden wood tones, gold accents, and plants. Put all of those in a beautiful neutral color scheme and you get this insanely stunning condo. I will always and forever be obsessed with neutral colors mixed with wood accents.



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                  Color Story: Sage Inspiration

                  “Color Story” is going to be a new series that I am starting! I love finding inspiration in colors, surprising maybe since I don’t use a lot of color in my own home. Sometimes though the best inspiration comes when you are looking at subjects, things, objects, etc that have nothing to do with whatever project you are working on. Makes complete sense right?! Ha.

                  Going through tons of pictures just to bring together inspiration brings me back to my days at Utah State. Having design project after design project I had to try and get inspired constantly. This is one way that I really loved and still do. I’d love to know if any of you guys do this as well! Or your favorite way to be inspired by a space.

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                    Making Your Small Space Look Bigger

                    I feel like this is a question that comes up frequently, so I thought a post could be helpful for you guys! I put together just a few ideas that are bound to make your room appear bigger than it actually is. And who wouldn’t want that?! If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment!

                    Using Lighter colors

                    Just by painting your walls a white, off white, or lighter color will make a huge difference in how big the space feels. Lighter colors reflect light, which is why the space looks bigger. Obviously on the other hand, dark colors absorb light and will make the space feel smaller. On top of just having your walls lighter, the more light objects that are in the room (furniture, pillows, rugs, etc.) the bigger the room will feel.

                    Image Source

                    Use A Mirror In Your Space

                    Again it comes to light, using light to reflect is what can make a huge difference in your space. So add a mirror in there to make the reflect. If it is placed in the right spot it could also make the room look like it continues and fooling your eye into making you think the space is bigger than it is.

                    Image Source

                    Use Horizontal Stripes

                    Depending on your space, sometimes you can be super lucky and could just throw down a rug with horizontal stripes and you could immediately see a difference. Again, it’s just playing with that eye. The horizontal stripes make your eyes look left to right and exaggerates the lines of the room making it appear bigger.

                    Another use of horizontal stripes could be by actually painting big wide horizontal stripes in a room. I would only suggest this option though if you have taller ceilings. If you have shorter ceilings flip those stripes to vertical and it will have a similar impact.

                    Image Source

                    Image Source

                    Hopefully this was helpful for those of you that have been struggling with a small space. Out of all of these tips painting your room a lighter color is what I think makes the biggest difference! If you end up using one of these tips let me know how it goes! Also, I’d love to hear what other questions you guys may have. Drop them in the comments or shoot me an email. Love you guys!

                    XO, Kelsie
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                      Home Tour: Earthly, Rich Bungalow With Lovely Textiles

                      Ah! Guys. I couldn’t wait to share this home tour with you guys. The genius designer Louise Walsh just kills it with this bungalow. The overall earthy feel from the textiles and color-way just had me swooning. Notice how there are mixed dark walls in the home with that bright white. To help with that transition a lot of the white rooms have dark furniture in accents to continue the overall flow and feel of that richness.

                      I died over all the textiles, SO. MUCH. TEXTURE. Which in my mind is everything. I think I also stopped and went to heaven with the detail to architecture in this house. Imagine each room without the furniture in it. Look at the actual room. The ceiling lines, the the molding, arches, the texture and character that is still there if it were an empty house. THAT to me is what makes me in love with this sweet bungalow.

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                        West Elm: Fall Sale!

                        I had a different post scheduled to go up today, but I had to push it until tomorrow because this sale is SO GOOD and I had to share my favorites with you! I am one that starts to worry about Christmas presents for everyone now. I like to try and have everything bought by mid November so I can just enjoy the holidays and not stress about gifts. With that being the case I wanted to focus this post on awesome gift finds from the West Elm sale.

                        They have SO MUCH more than what I am going to show you. Literally, I wish I could just buy all the things. So here is just a snippet of things I loved! Also, bonus. Everything I picked is $30 or less, most is under $20!

                        First up is this lavender hand soap. Perfect gift for two reasons. One, every one can always use hand soap. Two, this hand soap is in a gorgeous amber bottle. One that after the soap is gone you can just refill and keep using that pretty bottle. When decorating a bathroom or over my kitchen sink, adding a hand soap that actually looks nice and rich elevates that little space instantly. Also, there are tons of different scents not just lavender!

                        I was immediately drawn to these Turkish hand towels. I love a good decorative hand towel, but a lot of times that is all it is. Just decorative. Have you ever spilled something, grabbed your hand towel to wipe it up and it doesn’t absorb hardly anything?! Most annoying thing ever. These towels won’t let you down on that end. Functional and decorative equals a win in my book.

                        If you haven’t realized by now I have obsession with texture, anything that helps bring that to a room is two hands up for me. These throws are a great find, especially when you use the 25% off with code AUTUMN. They could be thrown on a sofa, reading chair, the bottom of a bed- perfect addition to any home.

                        When fall comes around I am overly drawn to copper. The shine, color, everything about it looks and feels fall. Not only would these look super cute on an open shelf in a kitchen. But, I think they would be darling as a friend or teacher gift filled with a packet of hot chocolate and marshmallows.

                        Umm. Yes please. I am a notebook hoarder. But really. I have been a lover of paper products since I could remember. Buying new school supplies each year was always something I looked forward too. So a pretty notebook always makes me happy. I love the soft color palette of these two. Pretty enough to keep sitting out.

                        Died and went to heaven. These are such beauties and definitely are coming to me for Christmas this year. But really. These are stunning and adds just that right amount of texture and color to what could just be a boring shelf. Sometimes decorating a shelf can be hard. You don’t want just books, or just plants. You need something else and these would be perfection.

                        I always am on the lookout for good ceramics. These vary in sizes and price, so make sure to check out the dimensions. But they are all priced REALLY well, especially when you can add that 25% off discount. A cute gift could be to use one of these as a vase. Bring them flowers, and when the flowers die they still have a stunning ceramic.


                        This was just the smallest glimpse from the sale. They have furniture, rugs, pillows, etc. on sale. Ends tonight at midnight. So go snag yourself some goodies!


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