Gift Guides

Gift Guides

I had a lot of fun putting together two different gift guides for you. I based them off of what I am going to be getting my two older kids, or items that we already have and love. Over the last year I have gotten REALLY sick of having tons of toys, and just things. So this year I am trying to keep it more minimal and intentional.

Greyson- 4-5 Year Old Boy

  1. Mix It Up We currently have the Press Here book and it is a definite favorite in our house.
  2. Magnetic Tiles When we were in Hawaii the airbnb had these and Grey (and Eden) played with these EVERY day.
  3. Space Ship Model Set I can’t wait to see Grey build this- he loves building anything and everything.
  4. Pop Stick Art Any type of art project is a win in my book
  5. Dinosaur Escape Game I’ve heard awesome reviews about this game from friends.
  6. Water Wow Books We have these and we LOVE them. I love that you can use them over and over again.
  7. Reusable Sticker Pad This is another item we have and love. So convenient for church, long drives, etc.
  8. Grey Suede Boots I love these for church! So clean and simple.
  9. Vest OBSESSED with this. I can’t wait to layer it.


Eden- 3 year old Girl


  1. Feed The Woozie Another game that has been recommended by friends.
  2. Velvet Suspender Skirt I love that this is a transitional piece that I think could really be worn majority of the year
  3. Name Puzzle we are all about practicing spelling names around here.
  4. Blue Pajama Set We always do pajamas, and these ones come in a ton of different colors.
  5. Magnetic Art Easel I could see this easily being a toy that is used by all the kids, and the price is so good.
  6. Wood Dollhouse I am a sucker for wood toys since they feel so timeless.
  7. Reusable Sticker Pad Again, we have this and Eden loves it. We use it all the time.




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