3 Things to Know When Picking out Carpet



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Carpet is coming right around the corner and we are SO EXCITED. I have known for quite some time that I have wanted to put Lifeproof carpet from The Home Depot in our new home. I have known a few people to have it and have raved about how good it holds up with kids. I definitely need that comfort when putting it into our home with 3 soon to be 4 kids running around! The carpet will be installed in two of the kid bedrooms as well as a runner down our stairs.

Here is a little look into the rooms and stairs with how they look now!

I thought it would be helpful to dive into my shopping experience at Home Depot and the process of picking out my carpet. I didn’t know a whole ton about what made a carpet a “good carpet” before going. I wanted to make sure that through this post I could help you have a better understanding overall on what to look for as you shop next time for carpet.

Like I previously mentioned, I knew I wanted Lifeproof carpet and began to browse through their wide selection. After narrowing it down to a couple that I loved I  asked for more assistance. The Home Depot flooring rep was so helpful and extremely generous with his knowledge.  I learned a few things to look for as you browse the facts about different carpet you may be interested in to help you make an educated decision. On the back of each carpet sample you will see all the listed facts, it will look similar to this picture below. Here is what I learned.


  1. The type of fiber the carpet is made of is so important when it comes to how “stain resistant” the carpet will be. The two best fibers are either Nylon or Triextra. Every single one of Lifeproof’s carpets are made from one or both of these materials. Hallelujah. You can pick any one of their carpets and know that it is made to withstand what is probably going to happen in your home over the years.
  2. Look for BCF (bulked continuous fiber) This is important because BCF means that the carpet has a continuous fiber throughout. Instead of a lot of shorter ones. The benefit of this is that it makes it so your carpet will shed WAY less if shed at all.
  3. Last thing to make note of is the face weight. This is the weight of the amount of carpet fibers in a square foot, not counting the backing of the carpet. So the higher the face weight number the more dense the carpet is. In a berber carpet or short pile carpet a good face weight is around 30 oz. If you have a shaggier carpet or a longer pile you want it to be above 40 oz.

I felt so much more confident looking at carpet after I knew these few things to look for. There were so many options that I loved, my favorite two being Game Face and Lower Treasure.

I will be posting what I ended up going with as well as the full install process and final room reveal on a coming blog post on The Home Depot Blog so stay tuned!


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3 Things to Know When Picking out Carpet


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