5 Tips to Broadening Your Pinterest Search for Design Inspiration



Pinterest is one of my number one tools for inspiration when it comes to design. I use it on a daily basis. Sometimes I forget that some of the things I do regularly is actually new information for a lot of people. So I am breaking down 5 super easy tips that will hopefully help you search for design inspiration in a new way or add to what you are doing to provide more ideas for you!

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  1. Room + Your Style
    • Ex: Bedroom + Boho
    • Don’t know what your style is? Click HERE to answer one question that will point you in the direction of your style! Or, here is a decent list of different styles that you could play around searching and see what resonates with you. Scandinavian, Boho, Mid-Century, Traditional, Minimalist, Modern, Contemporary, Farmhouse, Industrial, Coastal, Vintage Chic, Transitional
  2. Room + Color Scheme
    • Ex: Bedroom + Monochromatic 
    • Other color schemes, Neutral, complimentary, colorful
  3. Room + Specific Color
    • Ex: Bedroom + Olive Green
    • Get out of standard colors such as yellow, and instead try golden, mustard, neon yellow, etc.
    • Other specific colors, Navy, Olive, Rust, Maroon, etc.
  4. Room + Descriptive Word
    • Ex: Bedroom + Organic
    • Other good descriptive words, natural, minimal, rustic, cozy, light, airy, moody, dark, etc.
  5. Room + Specific  Material
    • Ex: Bedroom + Wood
    • Other materials, Metal, Glass, Linen, even Plants could work!

This is just a small glimpse into how you can search on Pinterest, there really are no limits. Do you have a way you love to search that I didn’t include?! If there is I would love to know! Drop them below in the comments.



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5 Tips to Broadening Your Pinterest Search for Design Inspiration


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