6 Tips to Make Gift Wrapping Affordable and Stunning
6 Tips to Make Gift Wrapping Affordable and Stunning

I don’t know about you, but I always love when the outside of the gift is just as good as the inside. For me it’s just an extra way to show the person you care about them. Most the people I give gifts too could probably care less about the extra time spent on making it look pretty. But you know what? Who cares. This is one of those things I do for me 🙂 No guilt. I love it.

It can get expensive so be smart about where you spend the money if you are wanting to go all out. Here are my 5 tips for when buying your gift wrapping essentials.

  1. Spend your money first on good ribbon! If you need to you can use paper bags from the grocery store as wrapping, or cheap craft paper. But the ribbon, if you go cheap- the whole thing will look cheap.
  2. Go to the dollar store or to the dollar section at Target. I scored so many of these cute little add ons to my gifts from these sections. It adds so much for so little.
  3. Because ribbon can get expensive switch it up and use jute too. It is inexpensive for a lot. Still can give a really appealing look when you just go to town and wrap it around a present a million times. Ok maybe there needs to be a little method to the madness. But it will still work
  4. Look for gift box sets! I found a few at Target that had a bunch of boxes in a set for $3 or less and then you don’t even have to buy wrapping paper, just ribbon.
  5. If you don’t want to spend money on gift tags, then don’t. You can always make your own, or if you have good calligraphy you could always draw there names as part of the “decor” of your gift.
  6. Lastly, adding some greenery to a gift makes it look so much fancier AND makes it look like you spent more time when it’s really such an easy step.

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