Christmas Tree Inspiration
Christmas Tree Inspiration

When it comes to the Christmas Tree how could you not get excited to decorate? Am I right?! Keeping it simple today with this post because, well these pictures speak for themselves. The trees are insanely gorgeous. I am pretty much obsessed with them ALL. On top of that I included a few of my favorite tree decorating tips!



christmas tree with gold and silver ornaments


christmas tree with black and white ornaments


christmas tree with silver and white ornamentsFive

christmas tree with red and white ornaments



Christmas Tree Decorating Tips:

  1. Decorate lights, than garland, than lastly ornaments.
  2. For each foot of tree you should have roughly 10 day ornaments, so for a 7′ tree buy 70 ornaments.
  3. Don’t let ornaments dangle to far off of branches. You want them tighter against the branch.
  4. If you want to get fancy and bring your tree to a new level use big thick WIRED ribbon. Youtube how to decorate Christmas tree with ribbon and there will be a million tutorials on how.






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