Easy 5 Minute DIY Wreath
Easy 5 Minute DIY Wreath

When it comes to DIY it has to be fast and easy otherwise it is never going to get done at my house. Not because I don’t love to do them. But hello mom life. In about 15 minutes I made three wreaths. Yes THREE. So babes, this one is worth just grabbing those materials together and making some magic.

This wreath I think works perfect for all year round, then again I am just a sucker for eucalyptus. Lucky for me eucalyptus is a huge thing this year for Christmas decor. If it doesn’t feel Christmasy enough for you go outside cut a little pine and just throw it in the mix!

What You Need:

1 bunch of eucalyptus (you can buy fresh, but I think THIS that I used looks just as real and it will last forever. THIS would work too. )

1 10 inch brass craft hoop (any size will work, THIS, is what I used)

Floral Wire (like THIS)

A pair of scissors



  1. Start by cutting of stems of the eucalyptus so you have several pieces to work with rather than keeping it in one large bunch.
  2. I liked to start with my largest piece and hold it against the bottom of the hoop until I liked how it laid.
  3. Take about a 2-3 inch piece of wire and attach the stem to the ring by twisting the wire around them together several times. End with both ends of the wire poking in the back of your arrangement. I found it helpful to end up twisting to the two ends together in the back to finish it off and give a good hold. Then trim the ends if you need too.
  4. Then take a couple stems and add it to your ring in the same way. I liked to take some of the new stems and attach it to the ring with parts of the original one you used. Leave some of the branches and stems free. It helps to make it look more realistic and natural. Lastly, make sure you are adding all your stems in the same direction.
  5.  Continue adding more stems until you like what you see. For me the amount of stems I used varied on each wreath I did.
  6. At this point if you wanted to add in some berries or pine you could do that as well.

Note: The great thing about this project is that not only is it fast, but you don’t have to use a ton of Eucalyptus. I only used about half of the bunch that I bought and I made 3 wreaths.




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