West Elm: Fall Sale!
West Elm: Fall Sale!

I had a different post scheduled to go up today, but I had to push it until tomorrow because this sale is SO GOOD and I had to share my favorites with you! I am one that starts to worry about Christmas presents for everyone now. I like to try and have everything bought by mid November so I can just enjoy the holidays and not stress about gifts. With that being the case I wanted to focus this post on awesome gift finds from the West Elm sale.

They have SO MUCH more than what I am going to show you. Literally, I wish I could just buy all the things. So here is just a snippet of things I loved! Also, bonus. Everything I picked is $30 or less, most is under $20!

First up is this lavender hand soap. Perfect gift for two reasons. One, every one can always use hand soap. Two, this hand soap is in a gorgeous amber bottle. One that after the soap is gone you can just refill and keep using that pretty bottle. When decorating a bathroom or over my kitchen sink, adding a hand soap that actually looks nice and rich elevates that little space instantly. Also, there are tons of different scents not just lavender!

I was immediately drawn to these Turkish hand towels. I love a good decorative hand towel, but a lot of times that is all it is. Just decorative. Have you ever spilled something, grabbed your hand towel to wipe it up and it doesn’t absorb hardly anything?! Most annoying thing ever. These towels won’t let you down on that end. Functional and decorative equals a win in my book.

If you haven’t realized by now I have obsession with texture, anything that helps bring that to a room is two hands up for me. These throws are a great find, especially when you use the 25% off with code AUTUMN. They could be thrown on a sofa, reading chair, the bottom of a bed- perfect addition to any home.

When fall comes around I am overly drawn to copper. The shine, color, everything about it looks and feels fall. Not only would these look super cute on an open shelf in a kitchen. But, I think they would be darling as a friend or teacher gift filled with a packet of hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Umm. Yes please. I am a notebook hoarder. But really. I have been a lover of paper products since I could remember. Buying new school supplies each year was always something I looked forward too. So a pretty notebook always makes me happy. I love the soft color palette of these two. Pretty enough to keep sitting out.

Died and went to heaven. These are such beauties and definitely are coming to me for Christmas this year. But really. These are stunning and adds just that right amount of texture and color to what could just be a boring shelf. Sometimes decorating a shelf can be hard. You don’t want just books, or just plants. You need something else and these would be perfection.

I always am on the lookout for good ceramics. These vary in sizes and price, so make sure to check out the dimensions. But they are all priced REALLY well, especially when you can add that 25% off discount. A cute gift could be to use one of these as a vase. Bring them flowers, and when the flowers die they still have a stunning ceramic.


This was just the smallest glimpse from the sale. They have furniture, rugs, pillows, etc. on sale. Ends tonight at midnight. So go snag yourself some goodies!


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