As much as I love decor and styling, and truly believe that it all plays a part in how our homes feel. It is even more important to me to make sure everyone can live in a home where they feel safe, where they feel loved, where it is a safe haven from the world where they can feel peace. 

I am passionate about having others create peace in their home- whether that's by diffusing oils to help create a mood or playing music that evokes comfort and coziness. We all have the opportunity to create these small moments throughout our day- to stop, breathe, and create peace in our homes. Peace does not always mean quiet. Kids will be kids and they will yell, scream, and fights will probably happen. But that doesn't mean that peace can't be found in the walls of that home. It happens in small moments. Are you missing them? Or are you being still enough to not let them pass you. 


Making Home a Safe Haven

Welcome Friends

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