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Did you know Erick and I designed our home from scratch? It was a SUPER long process. The entire time we worked on our floorplan and built our home we lived in my mom’s basement. We lived there for over 2 years! My mom’s house was brand new when we moved in- and let’s just say by the time we moved out three kids on carpet, especially in a kitchen, made for a not so brand new carpet look.

With help from The Home Depot we replaced the entire basement with brand new carpet and also tiled their kitchenette area. I am so happy that I was able to do this refresh for my mom. After filling holes in the walls, repainting and finishing it off with brand new flooring I came and styled the spare bedroom and kitchen area for my mom. It looks amazing!



This time the carpet that we chose for my mom came from the Lifeproof brand at The Home Depot. This is the same brand that we have in our home. And we LOVE it. Check out the blog post I wrote specifically about the Lifeproof brand HERE. The highlight for me is that kids will be kids and spills are bound to happen, we have been able to get our every spill. So it was a no brainer to do this same brand in my mom’s basement.

On top of it being easy to clean, this carpet is SO SOFT. After it was installed my kids just laid there forever going on about how soft it was. I could definitely see myself laying on the floor and feeling super comfortable. Just what you want for a big space for everyone to hang out in.

Close second favorite aspect of going through Home Depot for your carpet is that they offer FREE carpet installation! Such a huge bonus. We were overly impressed with the install. My mom’s husband wanted to immediately write a review on how good of a job they did. Check out their carpet options HERE. They also provide install for all their flooring options, vinyl, tile, wood, laminate, etc.

This tile we ended up going with was even more stunning in person than online. I feel like it completely elevated the entire kitchen and really helped to brighten everything up. The flooring combo we ended with was , THIS TILE, THIS CARPET, AND THIS PADDING.

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Basement Refresh with Home Depot


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