Monday Catch Up. Christmas Stockings, Decor, Books
Monday Catch Up. Christmas Stockings, Decor, Books

Happy Monday! Before we dive into chatting Christmas I just have to catch you up!

  • They started sheetrock over the weekend at the house an I am over the moon excited. It will probably take about 3 weeks for all of it to be hung and mudded.
  • Erick is back to working outside and finishing up siding, trim work, and we will FINALLY be finishing our brick. We haven’t been able to finish it because we needed our exterior doors to finish. The doors still aren’t here. But are in route.
  • Alright Christmas. I just have to say. Christmas is literally the only Holiday I really decorate for. Because of that I really like to buy Christmas decor and collect more every year. I typically spend a little more on these types of decor items because they are going to be stored away in boxes, probably mangled by children and I want them to last for years. Below I am sharing what I have already bought this year as well as stuff I have my eye on or I thought you would like! I’m sharing now because I know some of this stuff will be sold out once we get to holidays. I’ve seen it happen the last couple of years.

What I have already purchased so far this year.

Adorable Stockings

Porch Decor, Wreaths

Holiday Kitchen

Ornaments, Tree Skirts, Garlands

Christmas Decor

Christmas Books that I Own and Love

If you would rather shop by larger images and see everything together I wanted to provide you that option as well. So many cute stuff. I will be updating this as the season goes on and more things come out!

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