Christmas Decor Staples
Christmas Decor Staples

This is literally my favorite time of the whole year to decorate! I’m sure for most people it is. I am not one to really go all out for any holiday except Christmas. Every year there seems to be some new trends as far as Christmas decor- especially what colors are “in” for that season. I’m hoping to give you guys a few of my tips of what I’ve done to make sure to enjoy my holiday decor every year without breaking the bank. Ya hear me? Because, let’s be real. There are a lot of other things are money is going towards this time of year.

My biggest suggestion is to make a majority of your Christmas decor neutrals. I’ve done this for the past three years. Don’t worry it won’t be blah and just neutrals by the time we are done with it, so just stay with me here. The past few years I have bought lots of whites, creams, and wood tone decor for Christmas. I am a sucker for neutrals which is why I originally went this route. But, as the years have past I’ve realized how smart it has been that I’ve done this. Each year I have been able to pick a few items that were the “in” color scheme for the year. The first year I pulled in traditional reds, and greens. The following year I did blues and gold. Last year I did solely Gold with my neutrals. And this year I think I’m just going to do neutrals alone. My point is, if you have your staples neutral it can make it so you can pull any other color into it and not have to buy tons of new decorations if you are wanting a new feel for that year. Genius right?

As I went to Target this week for my “Come Shop With Me” I wanted to browse through their Christmas selection. Which is killer this year, btw. I’m pretty excited about what I went home with because they are all going to be staples in our house for Christmas. Everything I got either had to do with creating new traditions in our home for the holidays or adding to my neutral Christmas decor collection.

What I ended up with in my cart:

Artificial Mistletoe– this was a smidge more than I would have liked the price to be. But it seemed good enough quality that it would actually last over years of being packed on packed out of storage. Also, what a fun tradition right?! I am excited to implement this for a little for me and the hubs.

Milk and Cookie Set– I DIED when I saw this! This for sure is going to be a staple for tradition. I have been on the look out for something like this for years and never found one that I felt like matched my style and would timeless. Winner right here.

Wood Garland– Another thing that I knew I had to have when I saw it. I felt like it was priced right and it would look beautiful no matter what other ornaments I decided to put on the tree. So when I knew it was something I could use year after year a few went straight into my cart.


My Wish List:

Everything I picked for in here I think would be amazing to add to anyone’s Christmas decor. Mostly neutrals to add to that base of decorations you could use every year. Just saving my pennies to snag a few more of these before the holiday.


If you end getting anything from my suggestions above I would love to know about it! Tag me on an Insta story or send me a DM @kelsieemm






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