Here’s Your Tip | Do’s and Don’ts to Hanging Curtain
Here’s Your Tip | Do’s and Don’ts to Hanging Curtain

Ah, curtains. Do you love them? Or hate them because you never know what size, how wide, how long, how many panels. This is one of those things that your parents don’t really teach you growing up so how are you supposed to know? Most people don’t know, so you are not alone. I am so glad you are here though because if you could implement these tips into your living room, bedroom etc. you are going to notice a huge difference! How curtains are hung can actually impact how tall your ceilings look, how big your room can look, etc.

So I found an awesome image created by Charles Dundas-Shaw and I had to use it because it is the perfect visual to show and explain why curtains have a right way that they should be hung. Also, be sure to continue to scroll down for some curtain eye candy. Yes. Curtains can be eye candy. Believe me on this one.

Ok now that you know what you need to do to make your rooms look beautiful with beautifully hung curtains let’s look at that eye candy I mentioned. All the following images are from Anthropolgie and they just pretty much have me wanting every single one of these pretty things.

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