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You are on Pinterest and you fall in love with a picture, you love it. You want your bathroom to feel just like it. But, how do you accomplish that without copying every detail? It’s hard! Because, let’s be honest. The easy route is to mimic and copy it as much as we could. But, believe me- it will feel way more true to you if you dig a little deeper and do a little work.

So here are my suggestions!

  1. Look at the color scheme of the room. Pull out a pad of paper and write down or your phone and jot down the MAIN colors of the room.
  2. If you can, write down how the room feels to you. Does it make you feel peaceful? Are you excited about it? Do you feel happy? Take note of your feelings.
  3. Write down your absolute favorite part of the room. Is it the white walls? Is it that amazing pendant? The artwork? Nail down ONE THING, no more that is your absolute favorite.
    Now take what you know and let’s build a new room. You can use all the same colors if you want too. But if you are feeling brave maybe only use a couple.

1. Colors, you can use all the same colors from your inspiration room if you want too. Or if you are feeling brave only use two or three.

2. When you are picking out new furniture, artwork, decor-does it give you the same feelings as your inspo room? Maybe put yourself in a situation that you can visualize to help you answer this question. For example. If you showed up in your inspiration room how would you feel like you need to be dressed when you saw the lighting, artwork, rug, etc. Do you feel amazing in sweats? Or do you wish you would have worn your nicest dress? Sounds funny. But think about when you go to a restaurant, you definitely would feel a little over dressed in a full gown in a chik-fil-a vs. some 5 star restaurant. It’s the same in your home! Certain items give you certain feelings. So to sum this tip up. Make sure you are accomplishing a similar feel from your inspo picture into your room.

3. Your favorite part of the room. Go ahead and mimic this as much as you want. If this one thing is something that really speaks to you. Then add that girl. If you are obsessed with the angle of the freestanding tub, then angle yours.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to drop a comment below or to send me a DM on Instagram. Thank you so much for being here! Your support always means a lot.


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Inspo Diaries| Inspired by Others without Copying


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