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So back at the end of August I shared my “August buys”- and if you were paying attention you may have had a sneak peek of the nightstands I ordered. A year or so ago I saw them in a bedroom picture on Instagram. I remember literally instantly being in love with them. I remember spending a good solid hour reading through comments hoping someone had asked about where the nightstands were from. Sure enough someone did. I was pumped, until I found them online and they were sold out. They have been sold out for a year, then the waves parted and I found them HERE. To be honest I think they may be slightly different. Or they may be the exact same, either way. I bought them immediately. Can we just take a minute and soak in that I am getting nightstands?! You guys! Erick and I have never had nightstands our whole marriage. Yes we have used side tables that we have made work. But I have never had one with a drawer let alone space for more than a glass of water and my phone. This is a BIG DEAL.

So enough about the dreamy nightstands. Here is the overall feel for the bedroom. Grant it, the bed we have may or may not end up working in the space. It is going to be one of those, I don’t think I will know until I see it in the space. So for now, it is the same bed we currently have…hoping to be able to make it work!

Are we smitten? This room literally is a dream, and as I have been thinking about it and shopping for it I have been sooooooo excited. The room we have been staying in has ample space, and has worked perfectly. But everything has always felt so temporary in there.We have already gone over the fact that we haven’t really ever had nightstands, and both our dressers we bought secondhand or damaged/defected.  This new room I am so giddy about, it literally has been dreamed about for years.

If you are interested in shopping any of the pieces, they are all linked here!

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Master Bedroom


Master Bedroom Moodboard


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