#MILLETSCOMEHOME | Eden’s Big Girl Room Inspo
#MILLETSCOMEHOME | Eden’s Big Girl Room Inspo

I wasn’t planning on putting together Eden’s big girl room until we moved into our new house. But, she is so ready for it and we desperately need a new bed for her. So now it is! And I’m just as pumped as she is about it, if not even more. So I thought I would just share through my thought process.

First, if you know Eden she is obsessed with pink, that actually is probably an understatement. Majority of her clothes are different shades of pink, and she will gladly wear a full pink head to toe outfit on repeat. For Eden, the color pink literally makes her happy, it makes her smile, it brings joy into that sweet little heart. So even though pink is NOT my favorite color I knew immediately I was going a pink route in this room.

After a little scrolling time with Pinterest

1, 2, 3

After my time with Pinterest I usually end up just going to stores, looking on online for anything that in this case made me think “Eden”. Here are a few of the items that I came across that I loved.

I am super pumped with the things that I ended up with, and the best part is that what I ended up was nothing like what I first envisioned. Which is typically how it goes around here. I cannot wait to show you guys what it turns out like. It’s going to be so good!

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