#MILLETSCOMEHOME | Our Kitchen Inspiration
#MILLETSCOMEHOME | Our Kitchen Inspiration

Guys, I still pinch myself that we are building a house. I have dreamed of this since I was a little girl. But really. I was sketching out floorplans and space planning my own bedroom when I was in elementary school. My dad pretty soon had to limit the number of times a year that he would rearrange my furniture for me. Design is in me and always has been. So yes. I am a giddy girl over here as I have been pouring hours into designing our home.

My biggest feat is going to be making sure all my ideas are slimmed down. Because I like A LOT of different styles, so I am going to be doing my best to mix and match and mesh together what I love from Mid Century Modern, Scandinavian and Farmhouse…and let’s be honest maybe a couple others. Sounds like a mess when I say it out loud, or type it? But, I really think it’s going to be beautiful.

Alright, enough of me chatting away. Here are my main pictures of inspiration for our kitchen.

kitchen, lots of windows, subway tile backsplashfarmhouse sink, kitchenSpanish style Kitchengorgeous scandinavian kitchenWhite kitchen, white cabinets

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