Monday Catch Up. Suzy School Review, House Updates, Styling Armoires and Bottle Brush Trees



Holy Hannah. This weekend at Suzy School was amazing. I am going to post my thoughts about the retreat at the bottom of this post.

  • House updates. Well, not going to lie this last week was a big disappointment. We had our 4-way inspection and there were a few things that didn’t pass and needed to be fixed. AKA there is a small section of stairs that weren’t built the right height. So awesome. SO they are rebuilding those. Other big thing was a part of the trusses got cut in doing our HVAC where they weren’t suppose to be. So they are having an engineer re-engineer that section to tell us what they need to add to make it safe. Obviously, we want it to be safe. But it not fun to have to have moved off our insulation. It was suppose to happen this past weekend, and then got pushed to today, and now it is being pushed until Wednesday. Trying to tell myself it’s just a few days even though it feels like we just added a month to our timeline.
  • Remember the armoire I scored off of Facebook Marketplace?!?!? I am so pumped about it and have put together a Pinterest Board on styling for Armoires/Hutches. I am loving that it is a new trend to add them anywhere and everywhere in your home. I think I am actually going to try and score another one for #thecovehome
  • Found this coffee table for a fraction of the cost of it’s near look alike at Anthropologie
  • I know it’s early to think Christmas, but these bottle brush trees from hobby lobby are the best. I bought some the other day in store and just realized you can buy them online too! FYI last year they sold out super fast, hence why I am telling you so early about them!

Ok. Suzy School. Everyone and their dog I’m sure knows who Suzy is, but if you don’t you need to go check her out HERE. I actually met Suzy about 6 years ago at a photography workshop retreat, so I have seen her growth and journey over the years and it has been so fun to watch. I knew I wanted to attend this workshop and was super lucky that I was one of 11 girls that she chose to be there this last weekend.

I walked away with such a better understanding of what the crap is going to be going on with this business of mine. Making sure I am adding consistent value for you guys in a way that hopefully makes you want to continue to stick around here with me. And, I am so freaking excited about it!

Also, I’m pretty sure that Island Park is now one of my favorite places and I want to buy a cabin to renovate up there. One of my favorite things about the weekend was that Suzy allowed, or not even allowed, but made us go take breaks. Walk around outside, breathe in the fresh brisk air, go on a boat ride even though it was freezing! It was amazing what that did for my brain and thoughts. For me, that is when a lot of the magic happened. She would shove my brain full of information and then allow it to go sink in and let me have the opportunity to think about how to apply it to my business, how it was all going to work for me.

If you are wondering if you should attend Suzy School my answer would be YES. Apply. Go. You will find a deeper part of your voice that you didn’t know you needed to share and you will be able to dig 5 layers deeper into your why from what it was before. Those two things are what is going to change my business. I want to show up my best for YOU and now I can, because it’s so much more than just sharing home building and styling tips. That’s the fluff, but the deeper meaning for me is I truly want everyone to be able to have a space that they live in that FUELS them, that creates joy for them, that brings the energy to there home to allow them to be their best selves.

You could watch a movie on the couch, or you could watch that same movie on the couch snuggled up in your sweats and favorite blanket. Have freshly cooked popcorn and have the fire going. Which one is a better experience? Which one brings up a sense of emotion and feelings? The second one right? It is the same with your house! There are so many things that can be added that will bring YOU more to life. That’s the goal. Because if you are in your best environment, you will be your best self, best mom, best spouse, sister, friend. It’s more than just paint color and pillows to me, and I can’t wait to continue to share more.

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Monday Catch Up. Suzy School Review, House Updates, Styling Armoires and Bottle Brush Trees


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