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I can’t believe we are already back to Monday. Holy crap is all I have to say. I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by. So bitter sweet. This weekend was consumed with making house decisions and working on the house. Such is our life these days. It is almost hard to picture what we are going to do with all our spare time once we get into the house! I also don’t think our kids our going to know what to do when we are back to normal routine. I know they are going to miss the frequent trips that they get these days for treats and bribery. Because, real life. We are just surviving. Also, they may miss being able to play in this giant puddle that is usually hanging out where our driveway will be.

Erick continued to pull wire for our security system and is so close to being finished. We also, as you probably already know if you followed along on Instastories, saw the big debacle of figuring out what door species we wanted to do our interior doors. We did tons and tons of different stains and stain combinations on several different species and we FINALLY made a decision. Which, I already know some people will disagree with since it’s kind of “breaking the rules” but we are going to do some MDF and paint them and some Walnut! I honestly feel so relieved and am so excited about it. Also, to spare anyone else having to try a million stains on different woot to know what it’s going to look like, there will be a blog post coming soon.

In other news.

  • I have been reading THIS book this last week and it has been so good at helping me want to motivated and realize I can do anything I set my mind too. It also is on killer sale today. *I do want to note that it does have some foul language if that is a breaker.
  • I also just finished an amazing course that I want to share. I get questions all the time about starting your business in this industry. There is so much information that you can’t just google. How to write good pitch emails to companies, what to charge, how many followers you need for this, that, and the other. This online course I finished had helpful information for anyone, but even more so if you are somewhat new in this world. Definitely check it out HERE. They just opened it up for registration again today and will close on September 30th. I also have a $45 off code you can use PASSITON
  • I went to Costco this weekend and they have SO MUCH ON SALE right now, more than I have seen in along time. They also had a ton of new organic items. AND they finally have fiddle leaf trees at the Bountiful Costco if you are local. They are only $30 which is a steal!
  • American Eagle has 25% off your entire order (with code 1W44GVAE6JY42K8PX23U) when you buy one of their online only styles. This is adorable.
  •  Old Navy has 30% off your entire order and they have 50% off activewear. Which I love there sports bras! AND they have buy any one baby or toddler item on clearance get one FREE.
  • Urban Outfitters has 20% off your entire purchase, Home included!

I think that’s it, hope you have a fabulous Monday! Hoping to get a lot accomplished today, wishing the best for you too!


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Monday Catch Up. Costco Run, Home Updates, Business Talk and Sales.


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