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My love for shopping on Facebook Marketplace runs deep. I am all about getting a good deal and not having to pay full price on great items. I also feel like if you are up for a little DIY it is the best way to get exactly what you want with a little elbow grease project. Just like this recent dresser makeover I did for our Master bedroom. I scored this dresser for $120 and bought paint for $15. I love the lines and the color could not be more perfect for this space.

So over the last year or so I have been sharing on my Instagram what I have been finding on Facebook, and the list is just growing. I think I have peeked enough of your interest now that you all are wanting the tips on how I am finding these items. And just because this is so ironic and gave me a good laugh, as I am sitting here writing this, my sister literally just texted me something on Facebook Marketplace. She knows me.

Alright, here we go.


Tip #1 – When to check

First of all, I recommend if you are looking for something specific- you look as frequently as you remember. My latest Facebook Marketplace find was a real 8′ Ficus tree. I have wanted one for the last 9 months. I started searching 9 months ago every day at first, sometimes I even checked multiple times a day if I thought about it. It only takes a second, and the good stuff usually goes pretty fast. Checking multiple times a day can sound daunting, I know. I would only recommend doing this if it is something extremely specific that you are looking for. Ex. I wasn’t looking for just an indoor plant, I had a very specific plant I wanted.

Ok, so now that you are going to be checking frequently, a couple times a week, you want to check at the right times of day. Now this is based off just my own experience. But I have felt like I have found the best things early in the morning or late at night. Which makes sense because most people are not at work or have obligations at those times of day.


Tip #2- Teach Facebook what you like

Just like all technology out there, it can learn what you like and your habits. While I am browsing through the listings, if I find something that I like I will click on it and “save” the item. Even if I have no intention on buying it. This helps Facebook to learn what I like and will automatically start showing me more listings that are similar. This has been game changing in finding items that I wasn’t necessarily searching for that just pop up for me in my listings. Thank. You. Facebook.

If you have never used the save button before, it looks like a little flag, in the below picture it is blue because I saved this.


Tip #3- Get to know sellers

A lot of people that sell on Facebook are just that, random people getting rid of their stuff. But there are also people that this is their job. They buy furniture specifically at estate sales, etc. and then list their finds on Facebook. Or they are discounted furniture stores that have ample of products to sell. The benefit of paying attention to these sellers are they typically have multiple things listed. If you like one of their listings, a lot of times they will have more items you will also like. I have also found that when buying multiple items from the same person they will discount the items for buying them both.

Ok, so how to find all the extra listings that the seller might have. Assuming you are already on a listing and wondering if they are selling other items, click on where it says Seller Information, for me it’s on the right hand side of my computer screen. It will pull open a pop up of info, scroll down and it will say marketplace listings with a number, and will show you some of the other listings they have. Hope that helps!


Tip #4- Keywords for searches

Ok, so again this is based off my own experience. But I try to “dumb down” any wording that I can. Most people are just throwing up these listings as quick as possible and want whatever it is gone. So if you are looking for let’s say a buffet sideboard. Most people are going to have no idea that it is what it is actually called. SO instead I would search for the following in separate searches- dresser, hutch, console, buffet, sideboard, armoire, etc. Also, a lot of people are posting things quickly that they can also spell things wrong. So sometimes I purposely spell things wrong and different listings will get pulled up.

If I am doing a search just to see what is out there, not necessarily for an exact item I will search by store names that I like. So in the search I will put, Anthropologie, or Crate and Barrel, etc. This will also generate new listings as well as teach Facebook what brands you like.

Another way of doing a broad search is my style- farmhouse, mid-century modern, etc. You can also use descriptive words that are basic like- big, small, tall, short, oversized, etc. A lot of people use these in their ad listing titles.


I hope that this post was helpful for you! I know that sometimes it can feel like you are putting in effort and not getting anything back out of it. But, I have found it just takes a little time and patience to train Facebook what you like, and once you do. It is game changing! I would love to hear if you have any other tips or if any of these were helpful.


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My 4 Facebook Marketplace Shopping Tips


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