One Room Challenge: Week One




The One Room Challenge! Ah, I have been SO excited to participate in this challenge and have been on the countdown for months. Originally this timeline was going to have started about a month ago, but because of Corona they moved it back- completely understandable! But now making it even more of a challenge to work on this with baby coming in less than 4 weeks! (The full challenge is 8 weeks! So baby will come before this room is complete.)

We have never had a nursery done with any of my other 3 babies, so I am really excited to put energy into this room for this new addition to our family. I want the overall feel of the room to be cozy with some slight whimsy. It will be a room that I will be spending a lot of time in and so I want it to feed my energy and my soul and not be “too baby”. So with that being said let’s dive into some before shots!

As you can probably tell from these shots, I am working with a pretty small space. It has made me really have to push myself to think of creative layouts. In the last couple weeks we have also installed this wood flooring from Urban Floors and have trimmed out the window. Which brings us to where we are at today.

Here is the current 8 week timeline:

Although I’m letting myself have major grace with this since we really don’t know when babe is coming!

Week One: Finalize Furniture and Layout

Week Two: Install Baseboard

Week Three: Paint walls, Refinish Crib, Install Light

Week Four: Install Wallpaper accent in Closet

Week Five: Install Wood Slat Wall

Week Six: Create closet system

Week Seven: Decorate and Furnish

Week Eight: Photograph

The amount of mood boards I went through to get to this one is somewhat comical, but this what I landed with! Because of some moving parts some things might shift slightly, but this is a good overall feel of the nursery.

This crib is the same one I have used for my other 3 babies. I originally thought I would switch to an all natural wood toned crib, but decided to just give this one a new fresh coat of paint and do a wood slat wall instead. The slat wall I think is going to be super impactful and I am excited to see how that pans out.

The biggest changing factor at this point is the rocking chair. I have used a glider in the past that is super comfortable and also super ugly. So, really wanting to upgrade for this nursery! I have yet to find one that I am smitten with that is also an affordable option. So that is my biggest “to do” for this week is nailing that down.

Other than that I am smitten with this dresser, and this rug. I think they both have that perfect mixture of vintage and modern. I can’t wait to see how it all pulls together! If you are interested in seeing what others are doing for their one room challenge, you can check it out HERE.



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One Room Challenge: Week One


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