4 Tips to Picking the Perfect Shade of White Paint



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Ah! Guys. I have been so excited to write this post for you! I am obsessed with white. If you know me, you know how true this statement really is. I have so much to say about picking out the right shade of white paint for your home. Whether that be for the exterior, a single wall or even a piece of furniture. All of these tips I am about to dish out to you will apply!

This picking out a white paint “journey”, should happen every time you go to use white again on a new project. So, I thought I would bring you along with me as I picked out what shade of white I wanted to go with for the interior of our home. Let’s dive in!

  1. I RECOMMEND TO SAMPLE PAINT IN YOUR OWN HOME RATHER THAN JUST GOING WITH A WHITE YOU KNOW SOMEONE ELSE USED. I think this is a big mistake that often people do. It’s easy right?! You see a picture of it in someone’s home, you think it looks good, so why not? Let me tell you why not.
    • Plain and simply they may have an edit on their photo, or filter and color may not be accurate.
    • Here is the biggie. White can look SO different based on what colors it is surrounded by. The same shade of white can dramatically look different if your painted white wall is next to a red rug vs. a blue rug. Or if your white wall is in a room full of windows with tons of natural light vs. a room with no windows and artificial light. I’m sure you are starting to get the idea. But guys, should we take it a step further just for fun? The same white wall in the same house will look different even from summer to winter, (at least here in Utah). The snow outside in the winter will cast more cool blue tones through your windows, where summer will bring in warmer yellow/green tones both effecting how your white paint will look to your eye! So crazy.
    • Make sure to have other finishes, such as flooring, cabinet samples, etc. on hand with you as you are picking out whites. You can constantly be checking to see what those staple pieces in your house will be pulling out in the whites you are looking at. So how do we make sure we don’t end up with a shade of white we don’t like?
  2. HAVE CHOICES! The Home Depot has made it really easy to immediately give you the satisfaction of being able to “test out” different shades of any color you wish in your home without even having to leave your home. It’s pretty dang amazing. All you have to do is just download their new ProjectColor™ App. and then upload the room you are wanting to work on and start testing out colors on your walls. Or, you can do what I did and just go to your local Home Depot and use the Explore Color kiosk in the paint section that allows you to do the same thing. 
  3. PAINT WHITE SAMPLE SWATCHES ON SEVERAL WALLS. Once you have an a good idea of what shades you like buy some samples and pick a few different walls in your house ( if you are painting the entire house) or a couple different walls in a single room. Let them dry over night since they will most likely darken, and then look at them different times of the day and see which one you end up loving.

4. GO WITH WHAT YOU LOVE. Duh right? Sometimes easier said than done. But this is one thing if you have been here for awhile you will know I constantly preach. Don’t worry so much about what others will think, if it is the “right” choice that aligns with all design rules. Go with what you love, because in the end that is all that matters. Cheesy. But seriously. SOOOOOO true. Let it bring you that happy joy.

Alright, now since I can’t leave you hanging with what I ended up doing with my paint project. You ready for me to spill the rest of the process?! So I ended up choosing, dromroll. Ultra Pure White by Behr. I am beyond in love with it. Yes with my paint. But really. I love that it is literally as white as white comes. There are absolutely no undertones whatsoever in it.

Some people may view that as a bad thing, because it can come off as super sterile. But I just can’t help but ooh and aw over how pretty and bright it makes the space. And, my absolute favorite part being that it really truly looks good with whatever color you pair with it. Winning. (WHICH, we will be pairing it will a second color in our playroom!)

I will be posting the full reveal of the playroom on my IGTV by the end of the week so stay tuned for that! You will not want to miss it. I am a giddy little girl with how the Ultra Pure White paired with this second color. In the mean time, if you have any more questions about using the ProjectColor™ App or picking out a shade of white in general don’t hesitate to ask!


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4 Tips to Picking the Perfect Shade of White Paint


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    I’m a sucker for white walls too.

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