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I will be the first to tell you that adding plants to your home will take the feel of your home to a whole new level. There is something about adding something that is alive or “looks alive” that brings a coziness to any space as well as a comfort that can’t be accomplished any other way. I use to have all faux plants in my home, and it was a great place to start. But over the years I have realized that actually having and implementing real plants makes an even bigger impact and helps to define the space as even more high end.

If you are someone that feels like you are just going to kill any real plant you have, I get it! Start with the real real easy plants like a succulent. Or a snake plant.  The more real plants you can add to your faux plants the better, because somehow adding them together makes your faux plants start to look real.

In my home all my big plants will be real, but all of my vases will be filled with faux greenery. This is what works best for me! But you do you girl.

Here is a list of a few good faux plant spots online.

  1. Nearly Natural my favorite one on this site is THIS olive tree. (I have not purchased this one, but have heard good reviews)
  2. Amazon surprisingly is a good spot to find good faux stems to fill vases or pots. A favorites- this one
  3. Purple Rose Home is another good source for faux stems. They are not cheap. But most high quality stems that actually look realistic are worth paying more money for. I think THIS one is really pretty and a good switch from doing eucalyptus.
  4. Michael’s has some affordable options on stems, especially if you wait for them to go on sale or use their 40% a regular priced item. THESE stems are stunning.
  5. Lastly, THIS fiddle leaf tree on Amazon has great reviews and looks extremely realistic when you look at the attached customer photos.

If you do have the option of being able to shop in store you can also find good faux plants at Home Goods, Target, and craft stores.

Here is a list of a few good living plant spots online.

  1. Fast Growing Trees Online– I haven’t yet purchased from this site. But Julia, from @chrislovesjulia has and I trust everything she does! She ended up buying THIS olive tree from them. It came and wasn’t super full, but it looked like it has potential and I am saving my pennies to purchase one.
  2. The Sill is another website that is new to me. They have a pretty good variety between snake plants, pothos, monstera, and more. They also offer monthly subscription options which could be a super fun way to add to your plant collection.
  3. Bloomscape is another website I just recently found. They have a lot of large plants and also have them easily separated by plants you can have with pets or what plants are best for low light, etc. Super helpful.

There are obviously a bunch more places you can shop, this is just a glimpse. You can also check out your local nurseries, Home Depot, Lowes, and sometimes just your grocery store to find other options.

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Places Online to Purchase Faux and Real Plants


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