Powder Bathroom Mood Board



This mood board was put together months ago. I always try and start with a mood board whenever I am designing any type of space. Whether that be just furniture and decor. Or the hard finished detailing like paint and flooring. It always is fun to see it pull together. If you haven’t done one before try it out, I have a whole highlight on my Instagram of how I create mood boards if you need some guidance!

When designing this powder bathroom I knew I wanted to do something just slightly moodier. This powder bathroom is the only bathroom in the house that doesn’t have a window. Because of that I immediately wanted to honor that natural darker feel and run with it. I am still toying with the idea of eventually adding in a wallpaper down the road to really push this bathroom into full rich dark tones. But, for now we are going to focus on using this gorgeous dark green tile as a strong accent wall and leave the remainder walls painted Pure White.

Trough Sink: $750 The sink was definitely the splurge in this room. It is also the main focal point of the bathroom and I wanted it to have a major presence. It is large and will be fun to be able to give baths to the little babes in.

Stainless Faucet: $232 When you purchase the trough sink there are very few faucets that fit, this is one of them and I am happy with the vintage charm that the double faucets bring.

Green Accent Tile: $7 a sq. ft. Here is where I decided to bring in that little bit of moodiness. These tiles will act as the accent wall behind the sink in a vertical bricked pattern.

Grey Hexagon Tile: $7 a sq. ft. I wanted something light on the floors, considering that I will eventually probably bring in a dark wallpaper on the three other walls. I needed something light and soft somewhere. My exact floor tiles are sold out, but I have linked what is closest.

Double Wall Sconce: $107 This light is incredibly affordable and looks even more high end in person. It comes in a gorgeous black and gold option as well that I also purchased for a different bathroom. It really is stunning.

Gold Framed Arch Mirror: $130 I originally had picked out a black framed mirror for this bathroom, but decided to switch it for something that would pop more on the dark green tile.

Black Toilet Roll Holder: $14 So simple and modern. I love finding that balance in each room where there are multiple styles that act together. This small item holding a strong spot for modern.

Basket: $28 I love this basket and feel like it gives just enough texture for the bathroom. The plan will be to put it under the sink to hold hand towels.

Artwork: $15 I have been drawn so much lately to portrait art pieces. They tell a story all on there own. I loved that this had just a touch of color to bring more interest to what could have been a really boring white wall.






Powder Bathroom Mood Board


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