Round-up of all our Plumbing Fixtures for our Home



Doing these round-ups seem to be the easiest way for you guys to be able to come back and reference what is in our home. So I hope you are liking these! You can quickly see I went with three different finishes through the house. Don’t feel like you need to be stuck with one finish throughout your home! I think it is more important to try and stay within a style. Which….I didn’t 100% follow. Most of these have that nod to vintage, while a couple of these are more modern. But overall, I think they all represent the style and feel I want for our home, and that’s what’s most important in my opinion!

1. Master Shower  2. Master Tub Faucet  3. Kitchen Pot Filler  4. Powder Bath Sink Faucets  5. Studio Bath Sink Faucet  6. Master Bath Sink Faucet  7. Studio Bath Shower  8. Kitchen Sink Faucet  9. Kid Bath Sink Faucet  10. Kid Bath Shower

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Round-up of all our Plumbing Fixtures for our Home


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