Round-Up of My Favorite Textured Christmas Stockings



I am all for texture wherever and whenever I can get it. It adds so much depth and interest to any space. The more texture the better in my book! So for Christmas stockings I am always on the hunt for ones that have just that, tons of texture! When it comes to Christmas stockings I also love to grab a couple each year and really invest into them. I have bought my fair share of stockings under $20 and the quality just isn’t the same. My favorite place to get them year after year is from Anthropologie. They truly have amazing texture, and are heavy durable stockings. I have always been so impressed. This year the stocking I am adding to my collection is THIS ONE.

A close runner up you can find HERE. Which one do you prefer? Here is a little round-up of some other good options if you are looking to add some texture to your stocking collection this year!

Shop each stocking my clicking each of the numbers. Happy shopping!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8



Round-Up of My Favorite Textured Christmas Stockings


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