Roundup of my 9 Favorite Pendant Lights for the Kitchen



Now that the counters and open shelves are finally installed in the kitchen, it pretty much feels like it is complete. We still have a few odds and ends to finish up, appliances, backsplash, installing pendant lights and painting the trim around the window. About a year ago I bought a couple of dome pendant lights from Urban Outfitters that I fell in love with. Well, we pulled them out yesterday to install them….and two things. One, turns out that they are meant to be plugged in and not to be hardwired to the ceiling. Two, which was really the bigger problem, I didn’t really LOVE them in the kitchen. I liked them, but didn’t love them. Whenever that happens I really try to evaluate and ask myself these types of questions. Will I love it eventually? Am I settling? Would I love something else more?

I truly believe you should LOVE your home, and that comes down to the smallest of details sometimes. The kitchen island lights are a huge statement in my mind and the ones I had chose were just not making the cut. Somewhat defeated I decided to go back to the drawing board and start looking for more options. I am SO glad that I did because I quickly realized as I started searching on Pinterest that I really wanted an organic, natural feel. I found both ceramic and cement options that made my heart sing. Guys. That is what it’s all about. Finding parts of your home that truly make you get butterflies and a smile to your face when you look at them.

So after hours of searching through different websites and endless Pinterest searches, the following 9 are my favorite options. Still haven’t decided on THE one. But, have narrowed it down to these gorgeous gems.

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine



Roundup of my 9 Favorite Pendant Lights for the Kitchen


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