Boho Girl Bedroom- Shop The Room
Boho Girl Bedroom- Shop The Room

Ok friends. I came across this picture from @michellerogers_styling on Instagram and I DIED. I have been wanting to get this daybed from World Market for months- and then after seeing this image it cemented my want ever more. The purchase would have already been made if we weren’t waiting to move into our house. But you better believe it’s one of my items that will be bought soon after we move. Because, it is perfection.

So, because I was so in love with this room I thought it would be fun to put together a “get the look” post on it. Maybe selfishly so that I can recreate a similar vibe for Miss Eden, but I wanted to share!

Before we dive into where you can shop everything I thought it would be fun to do a break down of what Michelle did to make this room look amazing and have everything work together.

  1. Notice all the different textures she used, the rug shag and tassels, the throw pillows, different textures of wood, etc. Texture is ALWAYS appealing to the eye.
  2. Color breakdown. If you took out the bedding what colors are you left with? Neutrals. I love doing this in my home. Create stability with big items being more neutral and then adding in pops of color with items that can easily be switched out.
  3. She style in 3’s. This is such an important styling rule. Group of 3 pillows on daybed. 3 shelves. 3 items styled on that lower shelf. Small details, but overall helps create balance to the overall room.
  4. Lastly, plants. Yes, I know I am a crazy plant lady. But I swear you add a plant to any room, any space and it will automatically make the overall space more inviting. PROMISE.

Now to the good stuff. Shopping. I did my best to try and find as similar as possible. In fact daybed, and some of the pillows are exact matches. Wahoo!


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