The Best House Decision We’ve Made



Hands down, the best decision we have made thus far in our building process has been going with AMSCO windows. Literally, a game changer. Just a little background, they have been around for 70 years and are local to Utah but are one of the biggest window manufacturers in the United States. They freaking know their stuff.

I didn’t realize what an impact their knowledge would have on the outcome of the look, feel, and quality of the windows we ended up choosing vs the one we originally had planned on. If you are building a home you NEED to ask your builder to work with AMSCO specifically, they are the best of the best. They also have windows for all budgets. Price conscious homes to multi million dollar homes, and they even have a line specific for renovations. What?! I know. 

We sat down with a representative from AMSCO and told him the windows we wanted to go with. He took the time to look over all our house plans and renderings, chatted with us about the feel we wanted and then showed us the window that actually met those needs. You guys. I  don’t think you could understand what a game changer that was. Erick and I have talked several times about how if we would have gone with our original window we would have been disappointed with the outcome. Solely because it wouldn’t have given “the look” we were after. One big change we made was to have the grid on our windows  hand placed on the exterior and interior of our windows to make the grids really pop and it is SO pretty.

Not only did our AMSCO rep help us in finding the exact look we wanted, but we now have the knowledge of what awesome upgrades you can have with windows. My favorite being that we upgraded our glass to a more “sound proof” option. This feature is SO COOL. If you live by a freeway, railroad tracks, just a busy street it could really block out all that noise. I am super excited that I won’t be having to hear all the construction that will be going on in our neighborhood. Our home really will be our quiet place.

If you have been around for a second you know how important windows are to me. In my opinion they can make or break the whole feel and character of a home. AMSCO windows reached above and beyond my expectations for our windows and I just need to shout it from the rooftops.

Last, but not least! Just a little secret between you and I. AMSCO is coming out with a black over black vinyl and they are coming out with big aluminum sliding doors!!! I will have to keep that in mind for the next house we build…..haha. But really.

If you are interested in getting your hands on some AMSCO windows, which you need too. Then the easiest place to go and purchase them is through the USI windows and doors website. Click HERE.

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The Best House Decision We’ve Made


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