The Perfect White Sofa for Families



Ok. Hi. I love white things. So when my perfect white sectional that easily could be wiped off needed to be replaced I thought my future for another light sofa was slim. We LOVED the sectional that we previously had in our family room. We had it for 8 years and it held up through a lot of spills and kid mishaps that don’t all need to be named publicly. If you know ya know.

In the last year our sectional had started showing its age and I knew we were going to be in the market for something new. So for MONTHS I have been on the search. Everything I wanted that was a cream or white either was WAY over budget, or not child friendly. Until, lo and behold this beauty of a couch was in the background of my friend’s instastory, and I knew it was fate. But for real. The price is insanely good, (which it is even cheaper in store than online) and it comes in a performance fabric.

We immediately went to Downeast to look at them in person. The second I saw them I felt like they were a little more formal than I was hoping for, until I sat down on one. They are super comfortable since they are feather filled, and pretty deep. I still wasn’t immediately sold because of the color I thought there was no way it would work with having 4 kids. Well, the sales associate put my fears to rest when he went and got straight up red juice/dye and poured it right on the cushion. Because of the performance fabric the liquid doesn’t seep in but instead sits on top of the fabric, making it super easy to wipe off! It blew my mind and sold me. We have only had our sofas for a week. So the heavy testing of durability is still in front of us. But, so far so good.


My favorite Pro’s about the sofa

  • The big large seat cushion is reversible, so if something really really terrible ever did happen you could always flip it over
  • The large cushion also attaches to the base of the sofa making it so it stays in place
  • The three back cushions all do come off, which I thought would be a huge problem with them staying put, but I have not had to put one back in place once so far. They fit really snug so they seem to stay where they should without being attached. Also they all have zippers if they need to come off for a deeper wash.
  • Everything is feather filled making it super comfortable
  • The performance fabric, obviously. A must.
  • The wood tone of the legs and base are so pretty and neutral.
  • Each sofa came with two pillows. If you don’t want them to match the inserts are insane and can be thrown into a new pillow cover. Why because they have zippers!
  • Last but definitely not least, the price is amazing for this type of a sofa. Believe me, I have looked forever.
  • If you need a smaller size, it also comes in a loveseat



  • Only comes in two colors. I wish this sofa had a bunch more options. But it comes in this oatmeal type color, and then a dark grey.
  • Because it is feather filled, cushions will need fluffing every few weeks.


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*Pillows were all from Home Goods, besides the pillows that came with the sofa.

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The Perfect White Sofa for Families


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