The Process of Limewashing our Bedroom and Bathroom Part II



If you missed Part I to our project of limewashing our bedroom and bathroom then be sure to check that out first right here.

Alright, so we ended the last post just after the first layer of limewash. So now onto the second. So, the second layer of paint you can leave as is or dilute with up to 50% water. We diluted ours with 15% water. Are you with me still? Lots of numbers, and lots of ways that you can dilute and use your paint. All comes down to personal preference. This second coat of paint you want to only use a block brush and apply your paint in a “x” all over the wall.

This layer I thought was going to take way more time then the first since we were only using a 5″ block brush. But I was actually wrong. The first layer you were putting so much paint on, and this second layer just was easier to apply in general, so it went quickly! This second layer is where all the magic happens, it dries so pretty! Here is what our room looked like after it was all dried.

A  F E W  T I P S

After spending hours and hours doing this project, by the end we realized a few things that made the process easier.

-The first layer went so much easier with a roller and then applying brush stroke texture overtop.

-When using the brush for the first layer of paint, long brush strokes over short looked better.

-Keep your brush wet always! Don’t try to keep working with the paint on the wall, reapply the paint to the paint brush ALOT.

-If you are working in a large area plan on doing this project with someone.

Master Bedroom


The Process of Limewashing our Bedroom and Bathroom Part II


  1. Lisa says:

    Did you use the same 104 paint to paint your window trim and baseboards? If so , How did you do that – just with primer and 2 layers of the paint without dilution?

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