The Process of Limewashing our Bedroom and Bathroom Part I



Who is ready for some progress pictures??? So, let me warn you. They aren’t pretty. Ha. Have you ever seen the process of limewash? Let’s just say it gets really ugly at first, you hold your breath and you just pray that you didn’t just spend hours doing something that you’re going to regret. If you have that feeling, I’ve been told you’re doing it right.

T h e  P r o c e s s

Before you can start painting your walls with limewash you have to use a mineral primer on your walls. The primer creates a micro porous surface for the adhesion of the lime paint. This is what helps to give that “movement” look to the paint. We rolled the primer onto our walls with just a normal roller.

I think every brand of limewash may vary slightly on the following. So make sure to study out the brand you are using. We went with JH Wall Paints. I loved their process and color selection. We ended up going with color #104 for both the first and second layer of paint.

The first layer of paint you can use straight or you can dilute with up to 10% water. We decided to go right in the middle and dilute it by 5%. When applying the first layer of paint you can either roll it if you are working with a really big area. Or you can use a 5″ block brush. We started with just the block brush because I liked the texture overall of the brush over the roller. But because we had such a massive area we ended up rolling and then immediately brushing through it. That may seem like it would take more time then actually just brushing it to start with it, but it wasn’t. The roller put so much paint on the wall at once, that it actually helped immensely!

When you get done with this first layer it looks super, well, terrible. So now that I’ve warned you. Here are the pictures.

See I told you, scary right?! So when you first put the color on it is super dark, don’t let that freak you out. It dries quite a few shades lighter. The paint also dries fairly quick. So you have to keep moving while you paint. I could not imagine doing this type of a paint project by myself, so I was super thankful to have my husband do it with me.

Overall the project is not difficult as far as skill level, it was just super time consuming. So prepare for a long weekend if you are getting ready to limewash!



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The Process of Limewashing our Bedroom and Bathroom Part I


  1. Katy Ballard says:

    I’m considering JH paints as well for my living room. How much paint did you need for both rooms? Also, did you paint the ceiling in your bedroom?

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