We Named Our House- Why We Did and Why You Should Too



Did you know we named our house?!?!? I mean. If you were around on instastories a few months back then you were probably there for the whole conversation. But, if you missed it, let me catch you up!

So I have known for over a year that I wanted to come up with a name for our home. It is always something I have seen designers do with their work and portfolio to help keep projects separated in a sense.  I always loved hearing the names they came up with and the reasons why. It wasn’t until Julia from @chrislovesjulia talked about it on her stories that really gave me that push to do it right then.

I will say it a million times over that every house should be a HOME. A home to me is a place where you are with those you love most. A place where your memories are shared and made. A PLACE THAT HOLDS ALL THE LOVE IN. I knew that when we came up with the name it needed to reflect my definition of home.

I cannot tell you how many times I googled house names, ways to name your house, etc. Which, I do have to say was a good starting point to get my brain going. In fact, I will link you here to my favorite one.

I loved the idea of thinking about maybe what the land and area was originally used for, or what flowers or crops originally could have grown there. The family’s last name that originally owned the property was Brewer. Which I immediately fell in love with, so that was kind of my jumping point. The Brewer Home, then the Brewer Plantation- soon realizing I probably shouldn’t use there last name it changed to the Homestead. Pondered that for a day or so and moved on to the two top runners which I still love BOTH. The Mill House and The Cove.

The Mill House represented a place where things or “memories” would be made. It represented somewhere we work hard and work together. As well as had a play off of our last name Millet. The Cove came from the idea of in a storm boats will go to a cove for shelter. It is a place outside of the storm that is usually calm. It’s a place of safety and comfort. I really liked the meaning behind both of them. But, one things swayed my decision to The Cove. We realized the location of our home was actually in the cove of our mountains that surround the house. So after all that it ended with The Cove, and I absolutely love it!

I came across this piece of artwork on Juniper Print Shop by LaurieAnne Gonzalez and my heart skipped a beat. Literally. I want to be reminded everyday the deeper meaning of The Cove and what it represents to me and my family and I think having this piece of art somewhere in my home is going to be just that. A reminder that I want my husband and I to be the shelter for our children and create our home to be the walls that make them feel safe from the storm.

Hoping that maybe this helped as a little inspo for you and getting your mind rolling of what you could name your home. I think everyone should name there home. In my mind it’s kind of a symbol of what you want your home and family to represent, which I love. If you have already named your house drop it in the comments below! I would love to hear them and the meaning behind it.

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We Named Our House- Why We Did and Why You Should Too


  1. Laurie Anne says:

    Ahhh so special! Thank you for adding my work to your home! Honored!

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