What I learned from Joanna Gaines



The end of March I had the opportunity to attend Alt Summit, a conference in Palm Springs. I made amazing connections and really learned ways that I could further and grow my business. But. The highlight for me was seeing and listening to Joanna Gaines. She was the opening keynote speaker and she blew me away.

Of course I am obsessed with her like any other rightful human. But you would have died over her kindness, graciousness, sweetness that just encompassed everything about her. I had Joanna on a pedestal and after hearing her speak the pedestal only got higher. I feel like anyone, business owner or not, could greatly benefit from her words from that keynote.

“If it’s not authentic, we don’t want to touch it”

You could tell how passionate Jo was about making sure we realized the importance of being authentic to ourselves, to our own truths, to our own personalities, wants and wishes. I think my favorite example of being authentic that she used was how she wasn’t going to “stand the way that every stands in pictures on Instagram” and if you scroll Instagram you know EXACTLY what stance she is talking about. If it is normal for you to stand that way then do it! But if its not why force yourself to “be something your not”.

“I don’t look to the left or right, I look to see if I’m in the right lane.”

Jo went on to talk about the Magnolia Journal and how everyone discouraged her and Chip from creating a magazine. That magazines were going away and that it wouldn’t be a good business move. She explained how she didn’t care what the world thought or the best way to make money was. She was passionate about making the magazine and she knew it could resonate with others. They went forward with the magazine even though everyone discouraged them. I loved that she shared this example because it just goes to show that THE WORLD doesn’t always know what’s best for YOU.

“The world needs who you were made to be”

The last big topic she addressed was about just slowing down, enjoying the little moments. Being with your kids, looking into their eyes. Letting your work sit. How important those moments are and how quickly they go. She mentioned God several times and the importance of Him in her life. It was impressive with how far she has come in her career and how much she has grown, and at the end of the day she gives credit to God. It goes so far in my book when people do that and it made me love her even more.

“Efficiency is not always a good thing, STAY AWHILE”

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What I learned from Joanna Gaines


  1. Oh my gosh I’m so jealous! I would absolutely love to hear her speak. 🙂

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