Why Create a Dream Furniture List?



I am a list person through and through. So it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that I decided to make a dream furniture list. But, unlike some of my lists that are pretty much pointless other than the fact that I like to cross something off. This list is for good reason.

I have been screenshotting items on my phone for over a year now that I have wanted to keep my eye on for The Cove. Remember how we named our house The Cove?! Ha. It’s been a minute. Anyways…I have an Album on my phone with my house and furniture inspo saved, making it super easy to find and reference.Which has now become my “dream furniture list”. I go through this album every few weeks and delete ones that I no longer love. You’d be surprised how many screenshots I must have taken on a false love for. Haha. Is that a thing?! I literally will look at some screenshots and wonder what I had loved so much about it! If there isn’t anything you want to delete, that’s not a bad thing! Just means you are better at initially knowing what you truly want.

It is super important to me that with this new house every piece that comes into it is something that I truly love. Not that Instagram loves, or my mom really loves. But what I truly love. Something that really is going to make me happy when I look at it. And hopefully since I have been looking at these items for about a year now on my phone that means that I will continue to love them for a long time when they are in my home. Now that we are getting closer to move in date, I am keeping my eye out for these items to go on sale. Which, some of them ARE on sale currently. I always suggest trying to buy your bigger items on sale if possible. If you don’t have an intense timeline I have found most everything rotates through being on sale in about a 6-8 month period if not sooner than that. I always like to save money, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see value in purchasing higher end quality items.

I’ve said it before, and will continue to say it. Pick a few solid great quality items for a room and then sprinkle in your Home Goods, Target, Ikea, etc. to fill in. You will surprised how much just one or two really quality items bring up the entire level of your room.

So, with that said here is just a few of my current dream furniture list. Let me preface with I grabbed random from my list. Some of them were screenshots in just the last week. So who knows if they all will end up making the cut. But here is a glimpse of what I’m loving. I think it’s easy to kind of see the style and direction that the interior of The Cove is going to become.
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Why Create a Dream Furniture List?


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