Why it’s ok to have Christmas be simple.



Story time today on the blog.

I typically am one that is biting at my nails to pull out all my Christmas decor. Halloween is over and the countdown is on. My daughter’s birthday is the 2nd week of November, and we pull all the things out the day after. Well, that’s at least what usually happens. This year has felt so different for me. I didn’t feel that same excitement about pulling all the decor out, or putting up a Christmas tree.

The day after my daughter’s birthday came and past without any Christmas decor. After a few days my kids couldn’t stand it anymore and the begging was at the point where I knew it needed to come out. I turned on the Christmas music and let it ring full blast through our home hoping that it would make me excited.

My kitchen counter became full of decor and I quickly became super overwhelmed. Overwhelm when pulling out that much decor is totally normal. But for me, it really wasn’t. I usually thrive in that type of environment, and being creative is really what fuels me. I immediately shut down and went and laid on my bed for a good hour.

After my hour of shutting out the world I came back to doing mom tasks until I finally was able to come back to the decor. I was able to come back because I had a mental shift. One that is important for all of us in this season to think about. I asked myself what it was I needed this season from my home. What did that look like?

Typically for me I like to go all out on the Christmas decor. Every room decorated from head to toe. All the garlands, wreaths, trees and decor. But this year that just sounded exhausting and like pure overwhelm. When I thought about only decorating our kitchen and family room with just a few pieces of Christmas decor, my heart lifted and I was excited. It was like an enormous weight had been lifted.

I share this story because I think it is easy to get wrapped up in what we see around us. Sometimes it is the exact inspiration we need to feel excited about doing something similar in our own homes. And other years it might feel like that’s what will break the camel’s back. And guess what?! It is ok, more than ok to have your home be YOUR sanctuary. Whatever that may look like. Live intentionally in your home and cultivate it to be the place where it is able to provide you with the safety, peace, and comfort that you need.

If you want to shop this little corner of my kitchen, I linked what I could HERE. And if you are looking for more Christmas decor inspiration than check out my Christmas decor roundup HERE.

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Why it’s ok to have Christmas be simple.


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